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Spirit names and what they mean, for spirit, soul for females. Here is the list of Spirit names for boys. These girl names reached the height of their popularity in 1930-1939 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Theresa, Marianne, Enid, Aretha and Alma becoming somewhat dated. Ariel (#133) is the most trendy birth name in this list.

Alma - Beata

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Alma 1 .. Derived fr. Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic elements. "Soul." Alma is frequently occurring (Top 5%) as a feminine name, occurring commonly (Top 35%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Alona. .. [Almah, .. 1 more]

Anima 2 .. In Latin, it means "spirit". Atypical as a birth name. See also Amina.

Aretha 3 .. Singer Aretha Franklin, the "goddess of soul". Aretha is frequently occurring (Top 29%) as a feminine name. The form Oretha is familiar as a version of this name. [Areta, Arethusa, Arette, Oreta, Orette, .. 9 more]

Ariel 4 .. Literary: Shakespeare gave the name to a prankish spirit in "The Tempest" .. The name Ariel has increased in popularity as a given name over time. A name suited for both sexes. The variation Arielle is commonplace as a form of Ariel. [Aeriel, Aeriell, Ariele, Arielle, .. 7 more]

Beata 5 .. First word of the Latin version of the famous "beatitudes" part of the biblical Sermon on the Mount: "Blessed are the poor in spirit." .. Beata is frequently occurring (Top 80%) as a given name. See also Beta. [Bea, .. 1 more]

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Summary of all Spirit names (and their variants) for girls.

[Alma - Beata]
Alma [Almah, Allma], Anima, Aretha [Retha, Oreta, Oretha, Orette, Reatha, Oretta, ..], Ariel [Ariell, Ariele, Ariella, Arielle, Ariellel, Ariellia, ..], Beata [Bea, Beate]

[Blythe - Lusca]
Blythe [Blithe], Charisma [Karisma, Carisma, Charisma], Columba [Colly, Collie, Colombe, Columbia, Columbine], Damia [Damya, Damyen, Damyan, Damyana, Damienne, Damyenne, ..], Dove [Dova], Enid [Enyd, Enedd, Enidd, Enydd, Eneida, Enedina, ..], Faustine [Fausta, Fauste, Faustina], Fiammetta [Fiamma], Kelpie, Lusca

[Marianne - Zin]
Marianne [Marien, Maryam, Maryan, Maryann, Marianna, Maryanna, ..], Melusine [Melusina], Ondine [Ondina, Ondyne, Undine], Psyche, Theresa [Zita, Treza, Tresa, Treesa, Tressa, Trescha, ..], Undine [Ondina, Ondine, Undeen, Undene, Undina], Zin