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Spring Names

Page 1 of 2. 33 Spring names related to or that mean spring for girls, listing Spring baby names 1-20. April, Bernadette, Cora, Easter, Flora, Ingrid and Marcella are popular names. Andromeda, Anthea, Arizona, Azalea, Brigantia, Castalia, Cerelia, Chloris, Daffodil, Fontanne, Forsythia, Jamaica and Kelda are uncommon names. View Spring baby names below for name meanings or search Spring names for boys.

Andromeda ... Also the name of a shrub that blooms in spring.

Anthea ... it was reinvented by English 17th-century poets to symbolize spring.
[Ann, Annthea, Anthe, Antheia, Antheya, ... 4 more]

April ... often used to symbolize spring ...
[Abril, Aipril, Aprilete, Aprill, Aprille, ... 11 more]

Arizona ... The name comes from an Indian word possibly meaning "small spring".

Azalea ... Flower name of a shrub that flourishes in dry soil and blooms in spring ...
[Azalia, Azaleia]

Bernadette ... Saint Bernadette Soubirous (19th century) was a French peasant girl who had visions of the Virgin Mary and uncovered a spring near Lourdes where miraculous cures are sought ...
[Benadette, Bennie, Benny, Bera, Beradette, ... 27 more]

Brigantia ... The name of a legendary goddess of springs ...

Castalia ... Greek mythology: a nymph who was being pursued by Apollo and fell into a spring on Mount Parnassus.
[Castallia, Kastalia]

Cerelia ... Appropriate for a spring baby.
[Cerella, Sarelia, Sarilia]

Chloris ... From "khloros". Greek mythology: a minor goddess of vegetation who was also the goddess of spring ...
[Chloress, Cloris, Khloris, Kloris]

Cora ... before her return in spring causes the cycle of life to continue ...
[Corabel, Corabella, Corabelle, Corabellita, Corabeth, ... 53 more]

Daffodil ... appropriate for a spring baby.

Easter ... "Christian spring festival." ...

Flora ... the name of the Roman goddess of spring ...
[Fiora, Fiordenni, Fiore, Fiorella, Fiori, ... 26 more]

Fontanne ... "Fountain spring."

Forsythia Flower name: the brilliant yellow shrub that is one of the first signs of spring in a chilly climate ...

Ingrid ... rides the land each year to prepare it for spring planting ...
[Inga, Inge, Inger, Ingmar]

Jamaica ... The name is from an Indian word meaning "isle with many springs" ...
[Jamaeca, Jamaika, Jemaica, Jemayka]

Kelda ... "Spring, fountain."

Marcella ... for whom the spring calendar month March was named ...
[Marcela, Marcele, Marcelina, Marcelinda, Marceline, ... 19 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Spring names: April, Arizona, Azalea, Bernadette, Cora, Easter, Flora, Ingrid, Marcella

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