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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Spring names

Spring baby names and what they mean, for spring, with 36 results. These girl names were at the height of their popularity during 1880-1889 (adoption of 1%) and have become significantly less widespread since (adoption 0.45%, down 55%), with names like April going out of style. Azalea (#581), Phoebe (#287) and Maia (#556) are three of the more chic girl names here, while Aprile (top 23%) is a familiar last name.

Andromeda - Kelda | Laverne - Winter

Andromeda - Kelda

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Spring names: April, Arizona, Aviva, Azalea, Bernadette

Andromeda Pronounce Andromeda
.. a shrub that blooms in spring. Uncommon, but Andromeda is comparable to common surnames Alameda (upper 12%), Araneda (87%), which also end with -eda.

Anthea Pronounce Anthea
.. 17th century poets to symbolize spring. Annthea, Anthe, Anthea, Antheia and Antheya are more unconventional as variations. [Ann, Anthe, Antheia, Anthia, .. 5 more]

AprilApril Pronounce April
.. used to symbolize spring, the time .. April has waned in popularity as a children's name circa the 1970s. [Abril, Aprilete, Averel, Averell, Avrill, .. 11 more]

ArizonaArizona Pronounce Arizona
.. Indian word possibly meaning "small spring". Arizona was popular with parents 135 years ago.

AvivaAviva Pronounce Aviva
Source fr. Hebrew element. "Springtime." Auvit, Avivah, Avivi, Avivit and Haviva are more novel as versions of Aviva. The source expression also means young .. [Auvit, Avivit, .. 4 more]

AzaleaAzalea Pronounce Azalea
.. dry soil and blooms in spring .. Azalea is in the Top 2000. [Azalia, .. 1 more]

BernadetteBernadette Pronounce Bernadette
.. and uncovered a spring near Lourdes .. Bernadette, Berna, etc. became more popular in 2015, rising +153 rankings as girls' names with Bernadette rising the most. [Benadette, Bera, Bernadea, Bernadeena, Bernadet, Bernadett, Bernadina, Bernadine, Bernardette, Bernardine, .. 21 more]

Brigantia Pronounce Brigantia
.. of a legendary goddess of springs .. Brigantia is not frequently adopted as a children's name.

Castalia Pronounce Castalia
.. fell into a spring on Mount .. Catalia is a slightly favored kid's name. [Castallia, .. 1 more]

Cerelia Pronounce Cerelia
Root fr. Latin language. "Relating to springtime." Not Top 2000 names. Appropriate for a spring baby. [Cerella, .. 2 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Spring names: Cora, Easter, Flora, Ingrid

Chloris Pronounce Chloris
.. was also the goddess of spring .. Chloris, Chloress, etc. are uncommon as birth names. [Chloress, Kloris, .. 2 more]

CoraCora Pronounce Cora
.. her return in spring causes the .. Cora, Coralie, Cori, Corinne and Kora were Top birth names in 2015. [Corabel, Corabellita, Coralee, Coralia, Coralin, Coree, Corene, Coretta, Corilla, Corita, .. 48 more]

Daffodil Pronounce Daffodil
.. appropriate for a spring baby. Scarce. Daffodil is not listed in the US Demographics.

EasterEaster Pronounce Easter
Root fr. English. "Christian spring festival." Less widespread today. Easter was last listed in the 1950s in the Top 2000. See also Eistir.

FloraFlora Pronounce Flora
.. of the Roman goddess of spring .. Flo (top 53%), Flor (30%), Flora (8%), Florentina (53%), Floretta (69%), Floria (91%), Florida (38%), Florinda (53%), Florine (23%) and Florrie (91%) are recognizable women's names. [Fiora, Fiordenni, Flor, Florelle, Florentia, Florentina, Florenza, Floressa, Floretta, Floria, .. 21 more]

Fontanne Pronounce Fontanne
Derivative of French word. "Fountain spring." Fontani and Fontanna are kreatif variations. [Fontaine]

Forsythia Pronounce Forsythia
.. first signs of spring in a .. Not in Top 2000.

IngridIngrid Pronounce Ingrid
.. to prepare it for spring planting .. Ingrid and variants became less trendy last year, dropping -33 positions as birth names with Ingrid leading the fall. [Inga, Inge, .. 2 more]

Jamaica Pronounce Jamaica
.. word meaning "isle with many springs" .. Rare as baby names, but Jamaica, Jamaeca, etc. are pronounced like the more common Jamika. [Jamaeca, Jemaica, .. 2 more]

Kelda Pronounce Kelda
Based on Old Norse word. "Spring, fountain." Outside Top 2000. [Kellda]

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Index of all Spring names [and variants] for girls.

1. Andromeda - Kelda
Andromeda, Anthea [Thia, Anthe, Antia, Anthia, Annthea, Antheia, Antheya, Anthoula], April [Avril, Avrill, Averil, Averyl, Averell, Averyll, Averill, Averylle, ..], Arizona, Aviva [Viva, Avivi, Auvit, Avivah, Avivit, Haviva], Azalea [Azalia, Azaleia], Bernadette [Berny, Bernie, Bernina, Bernita, Berneta, Bernessa, Bernette, Bernetta, ..], Brigantia, Castalia [Kastalia, Castallia], Cerelia [Cerella, Sarelia, Sarilia], Chloris [Kloris, Cloris, Khloris, Chloress], Cora [Korry, Korrie, Korina, Koryne, Koryssa, Korinne, Korynna, Lacoria, ..], Daffodil, Easter, Flora [Flory, Florry, Floris, Florine, Florita, Florise, Florrie, Florinda, ..], Fontanne [Fontaine], Forsythia, Ingrid [Inga, Inge, Inger, Ingmar], Jamaica [Jamaeca, Jamaika, Jemaica, Jemayka], Kelda [Kellda]

2. Laverne - Winter
Laverne [Verne, Lavern, Laverna, Leverne, Loverna, Laverine, Laverrne], Maia [Mya, May, Maja, Maya, Moia, Moya, Moja, Mayah, ..], Marcella [Maricel, Marquita, Marsella, Marselle, Marshella, Marsalina, Marsiella, Marsellonia, ..], Mendota, Nana, Phoebe [Febe, Phebe, Pheby, Pheabe, Phoebey, Phoeboe], Primavera, Primrose [Primula, Primarosa, Primorosa], Season, Snowdrop, Spring, Summer [Somer, Sommers, Summers], Suzu, Tamiko, Verna [Virna, Vernie, Vernis, Vernice, Vernise, Vernita, Vernette, Vernisha, ..], Winter [Wintar, Wynter]

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