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Stranger names and what they mean, for stranger, wanderer for women. Here is the list of Stranger names for boys. These girl names were at the apex of their popularity during 1930-1939 and are now significantly less widespread, with names like Zena, Wanda and Bobbie becoming less in vogue.

Basha - Zena

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Basha 1 .. Stems fr. Polish. "Stranger." A rare name for children which exists more commonly as a surname. See also Baja. From the same root as Barbara. [Basia, .. 1 more]

Bobbie 2 .. .. and Barbara (Greek) "stranger". Like Billie .. Usage of Bobbie for girls has diminished over the years. Also suitable as a boys' name. [Bobbi, Bobbiejean, .. 1 more]

Borbala 3 .. Variant of Barbara (Greek) "stranger". Borbala is an intermittently used female name. [Bora, Boriska, Borsala, .. 2 more]

Perrin 4 .. (Greek) "rock" or Peregrine (Latin) "wanderer". Unique as a baby name, Perrin is used more commonly as a last name. Name suitable for both women and men. [Perran, Perrine, .. 2 more]

Perry 5 .. Also diminutive of Peregrine (Latin) "wanderer" .. A unique girls' name which occurs more conventionally as a surname. A name suitable for both women and men. [Perrey, Perri, .. 1 more]

Wanda 6 .. .. possibly (Old German) "wanderer". Harpsichord player .. Usage of the name Wanda as a birth name has decreased over time. The variation Wonda is commonplace as a form of Wanda. [Vanda, Wahnda, Wandie, Wandy, Wenda, .. 10 more]

Wava 7 .. Root fr. Slavic language. "Stranger." Somewhat infrequent as a baby name nowadays, though Wava is still found frequently as a first name among the general female population in the US Census. See also Nava. Pet name from Varvara ..

Wendell 8 .. Derived fr. Old German element. "Wanderer." Name suited for both girls and boys. Wendell is an unconventional feminine name, and it appears frequently (Top 9%) as a last name in the US Census. Has a similarity to Wendy. [Wendaline, Wendall, .. 1 more]

Xenia 9 .. Stems fr. Greek word. "Guest, stranger." A rare birth name for girls now, though found commonly as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. The forms Zina and Xiomara are widely used as versions of this name. The New Zealand production of the .. [Xeenia, Xia, Zaina, Zena, Zina, .. 5 more]

Zena 10 .. Derivative of Greek word. "Guest, stranger." Zena is a prevalent (Top 42%) feminine name, occurring commonly (Top 85%) as a last name according to the US Census. See also Nena. Variant of Xenia .. [Zeena, Zeenya, Zenya, .. 3 more]

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[Basha - Zena]
Basha [Basia, Basja], Bobbie [Bobbi, Bobbiejo, Bobbiejean], Borbala [Bora, Borka, Borsca, Borsala, Boriska], Perrin [Perren, Perryn, Perran, Perrine], Perry [Perri, Perrey, Perrie], Wanda [Wenda, Wendy, Wonda, Wohnda, Wonnda, Wendall, Wendeline, Wendaline, ..], Wava, Wendell [Wendall, Wendelle, Wendaline], Xenia [Xia, Zyna, Zena, Zina, Zenia, Zaina, Zeena, Xiomara, ..], Zena [Zina, Zeena, Zenia, Zenya, Zeenia, Zeenya]