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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Stranger baby names and what they mean, for stranger, wanderer, with 9 results. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex 85 years ago (adoption of 0.5%), but now, names like Wanda have gone out of style. Perro (top 21%) and Bashaw (7%) are familiar last names.

Stranger names

Basha - Zena

From Polish. "Stranger." Barsha is a marginally prominent kid's name. From the same root as Barbara. [Basia, .. 1 more]

.. "bright fame", and Barbara Greek "stranger" .. Popular as last names, and Bobbie (top 47%) is comparable to popular last names Robbie (top 36%), Dobbie (37%), which also end with -bbie. [Bobbi, .. 2 more]

Stems fr. Greek, Latin words. "Wanderer." Perran, Perrin, etc. are hardly found as women's names. Feminine of Peter or Peregrine. [Perran, Perren, Perryn, .. 1 more]

Also diminutive of Peregrine (Latin) "wanderer" .. Perri and forms were popular with parents during 1950-1959. [Perrey, Perrie, .. 1 more]

.. possibly (Old German) "wanderer". Harpsichord player .. Wendy was a Top birth name in 2015. [Vanda, Wandis, Wannda, Wenda, Wohnda, .. 10 more]

Based on Slavic element. "Stranger." Wava grew in popularity a century ago. See also Vava. Pet name from Varvara, the Russian ..

Based on Old German. "Wanderer." Compare last names Wendeln (top 62%), Wendel (4%). Has a similarity to Wendy. [Wendaline, Wendelle, .. 1 more]

From Greek. "Guest, stranger." Xenia, Xiomara, Zena and Zina are widely used as forms. The New Zealand production of the .. [Xeenia, Zenia, .. 8 more]

Stems fr. Greek language. "Guest, stranger." Usage of Zena and variants was common among parents during 1960-1969. Variant of Xenia .. [Zeena, Zenya, Zina, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of Stranger names [and variants] for girls.

1. Basha - Zena
Basha [Basia, Basja], Bobbie [Bobbi, Bobbiejo, Bobbiejean], Perrin [Perren, Perryn, Perran, Perrine], Perry [Perri, Perrey, Perrie], Wanda [Wenda, Wendy, Wonda, Wohnda, Wonnda, Wendall, Wendeline, Wendaline, ..], Wava, Wendell [Wendall, Wendelle, Wendaline], Xenia [Xia, Zyna, Zena, Zina, Zenia, Zaina, Zeena, Xiomara, ..], Zena [Zina, Zeena, Zenia, Zenya, Zeenia, Zeenya]

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