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Strength Names

(See: Strong Names)

18 Strength names and what they mean, for strength for baby girls, listing 1-18. Here is the list of Strong names for boys.

Arnina .. (Hebrew) "Mountain of strength." ..
[Aarona, Arna, Arona, Arnice, Arnit]

Audra .. (Old English) "Noble strength." ..

Audrey .. (Old English) "Noble strength." ..
[Audelia, Audene, Audessa, Audi, Audie, .. 12 more]

Brigantia Possibly Celtic, meaning "strength" ..

Bronya .. (Russian, Polish) "Armour, strength and protection."

Brunhilda .. The name has connotations of great physical strength.
[Brinhild, Brinhilda, Brinhilde, Brunhild, Brunhilde, .. 15 more]

Delilah .. Biblical: the woman who beguiled Samson into revealing the secret of his superhuman strength.
[Dalila, Delila, Lila, Lilah]

Elfrida .. (Latin, Old English) "Elf, magical being strength." ..
[Alfreda, Alfrida, Alfrieda, Elfie, Elfre, .. 20 more]

Ermintrude .. From erm(em) or irm(en) "entire, universal", found in Emma, and traut "beloved" or thruth "strength" Also possibly derived from Ermen trut meaning "Ermen's maiden", referring to Ermen the Germanic god of war.
[Ermengard, Ermentraud, Ermyntrude, Irmentrud, Irmtraud, .. 2 more]

Etheldreda .. (Old English) "Noble strength." ..

Gitta Diminutive of Brigitte (Irish, Gaelic) "strength, power".

Lenna .. (Old German) "Lion's strength." ..
[Lenda, Leonarda]

Leonarda .. (Old German) "Lion strength." ..
[Lenarda, Lenda, Lennarda, Leonarde]

Melisande .. (Old French, Old German) "Animal strength." ..
[Lisandra, Malisande, Malissande, Malyssandre, Melesande, .. 7 more]

Mildred .. (Old English) "Gentle strength." ..
[Mildrid, Millie, Milly]

Millicent .. (Old French) "Brave strength." ..
[Lissa, Mel, Melicent, Melisanda, Melisande, .. 11 more]

Virtue .. (Latin) "Strength." The original virtue name referring to strength in resisting sin ..

Wyetta Feminine of Wyatt (Old English) "war strength".

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Strength names: Audra, Audrey, Delilah, Lenna, Mildred, Millicent

Audra, Audrey, Delilah, Lenna, Leonarda, Mildred and Millicent are commonly used names, while Arnina, Brigantia, Bronya, Brunhilda, Elfrida, Ermintrude, Etheldreda, Gitta, Melisande, Virtue and Wyetta are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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