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Baby Names associated with Swan for Girls

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Swan baby names and what they mean, for swan.

These names rarely occur as girl names for babies. Odett (top 91%) is a popular last name.

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Hansika 1 .. Derivative of Hindi language. "Small swan." Hansia and Hansiha are kreatif variations.

Odette 2 .. .. the famous ballet "Swan Lake", Odette .. Outside Top 1000. [Odetta]

Odila 3 .. .. the famous ballet "Swan Lake", Odile .. Not Top 1000 names. [Odile, .. 5 more]

Swanhild 4 .. Stems fr. Old German word. "Battle swan." Not in popularity charts. [Swanild, Swannie, .. 5 more]

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Summary of Swan names (and variants) for girls.

Hansika - Swanhild
Hansika, Odette [Odetta], Odila [Odile, Udile, Odilia, Udelia, Udilia, Odolia], Swanhild [Swanny, Swanild, Swannie, Swanilde, Swanilda, Swanhilda, Swanhilde]