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Tall Names

5 Tall names related to or that mean tall for girls, listing Tall baby names 1-5. Eilat, Juno, Linden, Maeve and Temira are uncommon names. View Tall baby names below for name meanings or search Tall names for boys.

Eilat ... "Grove of tall trees." ...

Juno ... "Junoesque" is used for tall women with curvy figures.
[Juneau, Juneaux, Junia, Junot]

Linden ... Tree name: a tall graceful tree with heart-shaped leaves ...
[Lindenn, Lindon, Lindynn]

Maeve ... the Celtic equivalent of the "Iliad", as "tall, fair. carrying an iron sword" ...
[Mave, Meave]

Temira ... "Tall."
[Temora, Timora]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Tall names: Maeve

Related words: giant, great, healthy, high, large. Partial list of 15 results related to tall below. Click on above related words for more results.

Theresa ... which so affected its readers worldwide that she became the most popular saint of modern times ...
[Resi, Rezi, Rezka, Taresa, Tera, ... 41 more]

Bertha ... A German cannon used in World War I was nicknamed "Big Bertha" after Bertha Krupp ...
[Berrta, Berrte, Berrti, Berrtina, Berrty, ... 16 more]

Kitty ... it was used as a slang term for a woman of dubious morals ...
[Kit, Kitlyn, Kittee, Kittey]

Alta ... "High, elevated." ...
[Allta, Altha]

Enza ... "Giant." ...

Abia ... "Great."

Eloise ... and also with a Germanic name derived from hail "robust, healthy" and wid "wood" ...
[Aloysia, Ellie, Elois, Eloisa, Elouisa, ... 3 more]

Ailani ... "High chief."

Aranrhod ... "Huge or round wheel." ...

Vanity ... "Empty; inflated in pride."

Bracken Plant name: a large coarse fern.

Elata ... "Lofty, high."

Saba ... Biblical: the queen of Sheba is rich and ostentatious.
[Sabah, Sheba, Shebah]

Jane ... the name was borne by statuesque American film celebrity Jane Russell ...
[Gene, Gianina, Gianna, Giovanna, Iva, ... 88 more]

Asta ... Asta is the name of the terrier owned by Nick and Nora Charles in the famous "Thin Man" movies of the 1930s.
[Astera, Asteria, Asti, Astra, Estella, ... 6 more]


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