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Arcelia - Treasure

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Arcelia 1 .. Origin fr. Spanish word. "Treasure chest." Arcelia, Aricella and Aricelly are rare as birth names. Also variant of Araceli. [Aricella, .. 1 more]

Bao 2 .. Based on Chinese word. "Precious treasure; guarantee." Outside Top 1000. See also Bo.

Cherish 3 .. From English, Old French elements. "To treasure and care for; dear." Widely used as birth names, Charish, Cherish, etc. are comparable to the familiar Charisse. Modern coinage based on Cheryth and .. [Charish, Cherishe, .. 4 more]

Otzara 4 .. Stems fr. Hebrew word. "Wealth, treasure." Unusual. Otzara, Ozara (cf. Dara, Cithara) use the familiar feminine-sounding -ara suffix. [Otzarah, .. 1 more]

Seema 5 .. Source fr. Hebrew, Aramaic. "Treasure." Cima, Cyma, Seemah and Simah are more uncommon as versions of Seema. [Cima, Sima, Sina, .. 3 more]

Siena 6 .. .. Italy, known for its art treasures .. Usage of Siena and Sienna as girls' names in 2014 was down 0.7% compared to the year before. [Sienna]

Treasure 7 .. Use of the word as a .. Somewhat atypical as a children's name, Treasure exists more often as a surname. [Tesora, .. 1 more]

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Arcelia - Treasure
Arcelia [Aricella, Aricelly], Bao, Cherish [Cherysh, Charish, Charisha, Cherishe, Cherrish, Cheerish], Otzara [Ozara, Otzarah], Seema [Cima, Cyma, Sima, Sina, Simah, Seemah], Siena [Sienna], Treasure [Tesora, Tresor]