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Tree Names

Page 1/3. 54 Tree names and what they mean, for tree for baby girls, listing 1-20. Alona, Amber, Ashton, Cherry, Daphne, Dara, Elana, Geneva and Hazel are commonly used names, while Acacia, Alaqua, Ashby, Aspen, Aston, Bay, Cerese, Cinnamon, Eila, Eilat and Elleree are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Tree names for boys.

Acacia .. "Thorny tree." ..
[Cacia, Cacie, Casey, Casha, Casia, .. 9 more]

Alaqua .. "Sweet gum tree."

Alona .. "Oak tree."
[Allona, Allonia, Alonia, Elona, Ilona, .. 1 more]

Amber .. Amber is the English name for a semiprecious gem made from fossilized tree resin, and is also used to describe the gem's golden color ..
[Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta, Ambre, Ambur]

Ashby .. "Ash tree home." ..
[Ashbea, Ashbie]

Ashton .. "Ash tree town." ..
[Ashten, Ashtyn]

Aspen .. Tree name: a type of poplar familiar in the West, with delicate, heart-shaped leaves that quiver in the lightest breeze, hence its nickname, the "quaking" or "trembling" aspen ..

Aston .. "Ash tree settlement." ..

Bay .. Also a plant name: the term "bay" is used for several different kinds of trees, including the bay laurel, whose leaves are used as a herb and flavouring agent, and were also twined into wreaths by the Greeks, to crown victors ..

Cerese .. "The tree and its fruit."

Cherry .. 19th-century coinage probably from the fruit-bearing tree of the rose family (Middle English "cherie", from Old French "cherise") ..
[Cher, Chere, Cheree, Cherey, Cheri, .. 8 more]

Cinnamon .. It is the inner bark of a small evergreen tree, and has been used by cultures from China to the Netherlands for flavoring food, scenting fabrics and household goods, and for medical purposes ..
[Cynnamon, Sinemmon, Sinnamon]

Daphne .. "Laurel tree." Mythology: virtuous Daphne was a nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree to protect her from Apollo ..
[Daffi, Daffie, Daffy, Dafna, Dafne, .. 7 more]

Dara .. Also, Dara and Darra are Gaelic names meaning "oak tree" ..
[Darah, Darda, Dareen, Daria, Darian, .. 6 more]

Eila .. "Tree." ..
[Eilah, Eilona, Ela, Elah, Ila]

Eilat .. "Grove of tall trees." ..

Elana .. "Tree." ..
[Elanah, Elanie, Elanna, Ilana]

Elleree .. "Alder tree." ..

Geneva .. "Juniper tree." May refer to the Swiss city or refer to the juniper tree, whose old Dutch name was "genever", hence "gin", which is flavored with juniper berries.
[Gena, Genever, Genevia, Genevra, Genevre, .. 13 more]

Hazel .. "The hazel tree." ..
[Hazal, Hazell, Hazelle, Hazle]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Tree names: Acacia, Amber, Ashton, Aspen, Cherry, Daphne, Dara, Geneva, Hazel

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