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Dakota - Shyanne

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Dakota 1 .. Tribal name and American place name .. Very popular choice for a given name for girls (#285 in 2014), Dakota is also recorded regularly as a first name among females of all ages in the US Census. Also used as a boys' name. [Dakoda, .. 1 more]

Shasta 2 .. Tribal name, the name of a .. Slightly infrequent as a name for babies these days, though Shasta still occurs often as a first name among the general female population according to the US Census. Gender-neutral name. [Shahsta, .. 2 more]

Shyanne 3 .. .. Cheyenne, a Native American tribal name. Usage of Shyanne as a given name has fallen off over the years. See also Shane. [Shianna, .. 1 more]

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[Dakota - Shyanne]
Dakota [Dakoda, Dakotah], Shasta [Shahsta, Shastah, Shastina], Shyanne [Shianna, Shyanna]