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Tribe names and what they mean, for tribe, dynasty for females. Here is the list of Tribe names for boys. These girl names reached the peak of their popularity in 1992 and are somewhat less popular today, with names like Krystal, Crystal, Wanda and Sabina becoming less trendy. Paris (#269), Jocelyn (#114) and Cheyenne (#362) are three of the more trendy baby names in this list.

Carrington - Crystal

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Carrington 1 .. Made famous by the Carrington family of the popular 1980s TV series "Dynasty". A name suitable for both women and men. Atypical as a name for baby girls, Carrington occurs more conventionally as a last name. [Carington]

Cheyenne 2 .. Name of a Native American tribe .. The name Cheyenne has risen in popularity as a given name over the years. Name used for both girls and boys. The variation Shyanne is generally used as a variant form of this name. [Chayan, Cheyanna, Chiana, Chyanne, Shayanne, .. 6 more]

China 3 .. The country got its name from the Qin dynasty that ruled it in the third century BC .. China is common (Top 72%) as a given name, and it occurs regularly (Top 27%) as a surname according to the US Census. The form Chyna is widely used as a variation of the name. [Chyna, Chynna]

Cree 4 .. Name of a tribe in Canada, which derives via French from the Cree word "kiristino" .. A name used for both sexes. Distinctive as a birth name for girls, existing more conventionally as a last name.

Crystal 5 .. The TV series "Dynasty" made the name famous in the 1980s with a character named Krystle .. Usage of Crystal as a given name is common (#477 last year). Crystal also occurs somewhat frequently as a surname. The forms Krystle, Cyrstal and Chrystal are widely used as variations of Crystal. [Christal, Christalin, Christalle, Christel, Christell, .. 70 more]

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[Carrington - Crystal]
Carrington [Carington], Cheyenne [Shayan, Shyann, Chyanne, Shyanne, Chianna, Shayanne, ..], China [Chyna, Chynna], Cree, Crystal [Kristle, Krystle, Krystal, Khrystle, Krystalle, Khristalle, ..]

[Daina - Shoshone]
Daina, Gypsy [Gipsy, Gipsee, Gipsey], Jocelyn [Jozlyn, Josslyn, Josselyn, Joycelin, Joycelyn, Josselynne, ..], Kalina [Kaleen, Kalena, Kalene, Kaleena], Krystal [Krystle, Krystel, Krystalle, Krystelle, Krystaline, Krystalline, ..], Paris [Parisa, Parris, Parrish, Parissa], Sabina [Sabyna, Savina, Savine, Sebina, Sahbina, Sebinah, ..], Seneca [Seneka, Senecca, Senneca], Shawnee [Shawney, Shawnie], Shoshone [Shoshoni]

[Vanda - Zuni]
Vanda [Vonda, Vahnda, Vohnda, Vannda], Wanda [Wonda, Wendy, Wohnda, Wonnda, Wendall, Wendeline, ..], Zuni