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Truth names

Truth baby names and what they mean, for truth, true.

These girl names were at the peak of their popularity during the years 1900-1909 (usage of 0.23%) and are almost as common today (usage 0.1%, 57.7% less), but with names like Elvira, Helen, Una, Verona and Veronica becoming somewhat outmoded. Vera (#367) is the most contemporarily stylish girl name here, with this name having a resurgence in popularity. Helin (top 28%) and Holen (15%) are familiar last names.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Truth names: Elvira, Helen, Una, Vera, Verona, Veronica

Alethea 1 .. Root fr. Greek language. "Verity, truth." Not in popularity charts. .. goddess of truth. See also Althea. [Alathea, Aleethia, Aletta, Alette, .. 10 more]

Amita 2 .. Derivative of Sanskrit, Hebrew, Italian languages. "Truth; friendship." Uncommon, but Amita is comparable to common -ita surname Akita (upper 46%). See also Almita. Hindi name ..

Dilys 3 .. Derived fr. Welsh. "True, reliable." Dilys and variants are rarely used as children's names. Dates from the mid 19th century. [Dillys, Dylyd, .. 2 more]

Elvira 4 .. .. Eleanor, and wr meaning "true" .. Adoption of Elvina and form expanded in the 1910s and is lower today, with Elva, Elvera, Elvie, Elvina and Elvira falling out of fashion. [Alvira, Ellvira, Elva, Elvina, Elvire, .. 7 more]

Helen 5 .. .. her to discover the True Cross .. Helen, Eleni, etc. became more popular in 2014, gaining on average +9 rankings as birth names with Alena gaining the most. [Aileen, Aleanor, Aline, Eilidh, Elena, Eleonora, Elinor, Elladine, Elleanora, Elliner, .. 77 more]

Machiko 6 .. Derived fr. Japanese element. "Child who learns truth; beautiful child." Not in popularity charts. See also Michiko.

Maeko 7 .. From Japanese. "Truth child." Maekome, Maeme and Mcko are kreatif variations.

Maemi 8 .. Based on Japanese language. "Smile of truth." Rather quaint as a birth name. See also Mame.

Olethea 9 .. Derived fr. Greek. "Verity, truth." Somewhat widely used as children's names, Olethea, Oletha, etc. are comparable to the popular Aletha. Variant of Alethea. [Oleta, Oletha]

Saisha 10 .. From Sanskrit. "Truth of life." A rare children's name. The name of a Hindi princess .. [Saesha]

Sheba 11 .. .. great wisdom and wealth were true. Not Top 1000 names. [Saba, Scheba, Shebah, .. 3 more]

Truth 12 Civil rights activist Sojourner Truth. Outside Top 1000. [Trule, Truly, .. 1 more]

Una 13 .. .. She symbolizes truth, unity, and the .. A somewhat untypical baby name nowadays, but Una is still recorded often as a feminine first name. [Euna, Unagh, .. 4 more]

Vera 14 .. .. word "verus" meaning "truth", and can .. Veera, Veira, Veradis, Verasha and Vere are more uncommon as variations of Vera. [Lavera, Veradis, Veera, Verda, Vere, Verine, .. 17 more]

Verdad 15 .. Source fr. Spanish element. "Truth." Not Top 1000 name.

Verena 16 .. Stems fr. Latin element. "True." Uncommon. Verena, Varena, Vereena, like Vincentena, end with -ena. From the same root as Vera. [Varena, Verina, Veruchka, .. 4 more]

Verity 17 .. Derivative of Latin word. "Truth." Not in popularity charts. Puritan virtue name .. [Veretie, .. 3 more]

Verlene 18 .. .. by Vera (Latin) "truth" in Latin .. Verlene, Verlie and Verline are generally used as variations. [Verlie, .. 1 more]

Verona 19 .. Source fr. Latin element. "True image." Unusual. Verona, Varona, Verowna, like Valentina, end with -na. Short form of Veronica .. [Varona, Verone, .. 2 more]

Veronica 20 .. .. by Latin vera icon "true image" .. Prevalent. Veranica, var. (cf. Vianca) have the feminine-sounding -ca suffix. [Rana, Ranna, Ronnee, Ronni, Ronnica, Veera, Veira, Veranique, Verinique, Verohnica, .. 22 more]

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Summary of Truth names (and variants) for girls.

Alethea - Veronica
Alethea [Aletia, Alette, Aletta, Alethia, Alithea, Elethea, Alithia, Elithia, ..], Amita, Dilys [Dylis, Dylyd, Dillys, Dyllis], Elvira [Lira, Elvie, Elvera, Elvina, Elvire, Elvyra, Elwira, Elveera, ..], Helen [Nora, Nell, Nelly, Yelena, Nellie, Nonnie, Nelliana, Nellette, ..], Machiko, Maeko, Maemi, Olethea [Oleta, Oletha], Saisha [Saesha], Sheba [Saba, Sabah, Scheba, Shebah, Sheeba, Shieba], Truth [Truly, Trule, Truley], Una [Euna, Unna, Unah, Oona, Unagh, Oonagh], Vera [Verla, Verka, Verinka, Verlene, Verochka, Verushka, Veroshka, Veruschka, ..], Verdad, Verena [Varina, Varena, Veryna, Verina, Vereena, Veruchka, Veruschka], Verity [Verety, Verita, Veretie, Veritie], Verlene [Verlie, Verline], Verona [Veron, Varona, Verone, Verowna], Veronica [Vonnie, Veronka, Veronike, Veronqua, Veronika, Veronicka, Veronique, Veroniqua, ..]