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Abina - Tuesday

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Abina 1 .. Based on African, Ghanaian words. "Born on Tuesday." Unusual. Abina, like Sahbina, Jobina, ends with the popular feminine -bina. Akan name. [Abena, .. 1 more]

Abra 2 .. Stems fr. Hebrew, Arabic, Akan languages. "Girl born on Tuesday." Unusual. Compare Abra, and common last names Cira (Upper 21%), Sebra (76%), with the -ra ending. Feminine of Abraham .. [Abame, Abrah, .. 2 more]

Tuesday 3 .. Actress Tuesday Weld. Tuesday and Tuesdee are rarely occurring as female names. [Tuesdee]

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[Abina - Tuesday]
Abina [Abena, Abraba], Abra [Abame, Abrah, Abrahana, Abarrane], Tuesday [Tuesdee]