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Uncertain Names

Page 1/2. 26 Uncertain names and what they mean, for uncertain for baby girls, listing 1-20.

Airi .. Uncertain origin and meaning.

Arlette Ancient name of uncertain origin ..
[Arlet, Arleta, Arletta]

Ava Of uncertain origin, probably German ..
[Avah, Avalee, Avelina, Aveline, Avelyn, .. 2 more]

Avila .. Name from the Middle Ages and of uncertain origin and meaning ..

Calpurnia .. Probably from a clan name of uncertain meaning ..

Casilda .. This Spanish saint's name is of uncertain meaning ..

Cody .. Transferred use of the Irish surname Ó Cuidighthigh that was originally a byname for a helpful person, or of Mac Óda, a personal name of uncertain origin.
[Coady, Codee, Codey, Codi, Codie, .. 4 more]

Corey .. Of uncertain meaning ..
[Cory, Cori, Coriann, Corianne, Corie, .. 14 more]

Eilwen .. Of uncertain meaning ..

Eleri .. Ancient name of uncertain origin, borne by a daughter of the semi-legendary chieftain Brychan (fifth century) ..

Emer .. Anglicized form of traditional names Eimer or Émer, which are of uncertain origin ..
[Eimear, Eimer, Eimhir]

Enola Modern coinage of uncertain origin ..

Evadne .. From eu and another element of uncertain meaning ..
[Evadney, Evadnie, Evanne]

Gwyneth .. Of uncertain meaning and also possibly from the Welsh district name Gwynedd, probably from "gwen" meaning "white, fair" ..
[Cheryth, Gweneth, Gwenetta, Gwenette, Gwenisha, .. 18 more]

Lucretia .. Also possibly of Etruscan origin and of uncertain meaning ..
[Crecia, Lachresa, Lacreash, Lacrecia, Lacresha, .. 20 more]

Monica .. Of uncertain origin ..
[Lamonica, Mona, Monca, Monicka, Monika, .. 5 more]

Rylee .. Variant of Riley, an Irish given name of uncertain origin.
[Ryley, Rylie, Rylina]

Saskia .. However, the derivation of Saskia from the name of the Saxon people is uncertain ..

Selina .. Of uncertain origin ..
[Caleen, Caleena, Calina, Celena, Celene, .. 13 more]

Shawnacy .. Of uncertain meaning ..
[Seaughnessy, Seanucie, Shaughnessy, Shawnessy]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Uncertain names: Ava, Cody, Corey, Enola, Gwyneth, Lucretia, Monica, Rylee, Selina

Arlette, Ava, Cody, Corey, Enola, Gwyneth, Lucretia, Monica and Selina are commonly used names, while Airi, Avila, Calpurnia, Casilda, Eilwen, Eleri, Emer, Evadne, Rylee, Saskia and Shawnacy are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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