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Universal names and what they mean, for universal, entire for women. These girl names were at the peak of their popularity in 1900-1909 and have become much less popular since, with names like Irma and Erma becoming less fashionable. Emmeline (#907) is the most fashionable baby name in this list.

Alvara - Erma

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Alvara 1 .. Also possibly from German meaning "universal protector". Not generally used as a name for babies, Alvara occurs more frequently as a last name. See also Aldara.

Ella 2 .. It can also derive from the German name Alja meaning "entire" .. Ella is frequently occurring (Top 5%) as a feminine name. The variations Elly and Elle are popular as forms of this name. [Alla, Ela, Ellee, Ellette, Ellie, .. 8 more]

Emma 3 .. Based on Old French, Old German words. "Entire, universal." The variant form Emmeline has surged in popularity in recent years. The forms Emmy, Emmalynn, Emmalee and Ema are common as variations of Emma. .. [Em, Emelina, Emmalee, Emmalynn, Emmeleia, .. 22 more]

Emmeline 4 .. Origin fr. Old French, Old German elements. "Entire, universal." Emmeline is scarcely used as a feminine name. The variations Emmalyn and Emelina are popular as forms of this name. .. [Emelina, Emeline, .. 2 more]

Erma 5 .. Based on Old German word. "Entire, universal." Usage of Erma and Irma as names for babies has decreased over time since 1900-1909. The form Irma is common as a variation of Erma. .. [Ermina, Erminia, Irminia, Hermine, .. 6 more]

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[Alvara - Erma]
Alvara, Ella [Elli, Elly, Ellia, Ellie, Ellina, Ellesse, Ellette, Elletta, ..], Emma [Ima, Emmi, Emmy, Emmie, Emmye, Emmot, Emmott, Emmylou, ..], Emmeline [Emeline, Emmalyn, Emelina, Emmaline], Erma [Irma, Hermia, Erminie, Irminia, Irminie, Hermine, Hermione, Herminie, ..]

[Ermintrude - Irma]
Ermintrude [Trudy, Imtrud, Irmtraud, Ermengard, Irmentrud, Ermyntrude, Ermentraud], Imelda [Amelda, Imalda, Ymelda, Himalda], Irma [Erma, Irmina, Irmine, Irmgard, Irmgarde, Ermengard]