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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Victory baby names and what they mean, for victory, victorious, supplants, conquest, with 37 results. Usage of these girl names was at its most widespread 22 years ago (ADOPTION OF 5.06%) and has become significantly less since (ADOPTION 1.74%, 65.7% LESS), with names like Bertha becoming less stylish. Aubrey (#21) and Colette (#531) are two of the more fashionable birth names among these, while Ello (TOP 57%) and Olli (78%) are familiar last names. Here is the list of Victory names for boys.

Victory names

Ailsa - Kelsey | Kinsey - Victoria

Ailsa - Kelsey

.. name meaning "elf or magical victory" .. Aissa is also a slightly prominent birth name. [Elshe, Elsha, .. 3 more]

.. bring to mind power and victory .. Popular, and Ashanti, Ashaunti, Shanti (98%) are similar to common -nti surnames Argenti (UPPER 42%), Amanti (77%). [Shauntee, Ashantee, Ashante, Ashantae, .. 11 more]

.. in England with the Norman Conquest .. Adoption of Aubrey, Aubary, etc. as children's names in 2015 was 10.3% less than 2014. [Aubury, Aubrianna, Aubriana, Aubri, Aubreigh, Aubery, Aubary, .. 6 more]

Source fr. Greek language. "Victory bringer." Less common today. Berenice was the variant last found (2013) in the Top 2000. From the male personal name Berenike .. [Bernise, .. 6 more]

Root fr. Greek language. "Victory bringer." Veronica was among 2015's Top names. Short form of Berenice and from .. [Veronique, Veronica, Bunny, Bunnie, Berry, Bernita, Bernicia, Berni, Berneice, Bernette, .. 28 more]

.. England before the Conquest, and was .. Less used today. Bertha was the variation last listed (2001) in the Top 2000. [Laberta, Birdy, Bird, Bertine, Bertina, Berti, Berrty, .. 14 more]

Stems fr. French, Greek elements. "People of victory." Usage of Colette and variants as children's names in 2015 was a lot more than in 2005. Diminutive of the medieval name Colle .. [Kolette, Colleta, Coletta, Cloette, .. 8 more]

Based on Greek word. "People of victory." Colena, Colina, Coline, Colinette and Collina are more unusual as variant forms. Feminine of Colin, derived from Nicholas .. [Nicolyne, Nicoline, Collina, .. 8 more]

.. The victory song she wrote after .. Devora (upper 15%), Debs (36%), Deb (37%), Debra (53%) and Dobra (55%) are found often as surnames. [Dobra, Debriana, Debee, Debby, Debbra, Debbie, Debbey, Debbee, .. 16 more]

.. old age is victorious over all. Cross-gender use. Slightly novel as a girls' name, Elli exists more frequently as a last name.

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Victory names: Ashanti, Aubrey, Berenice, Bernice, Bertha

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Victory names: Colette, Deborah, Elli, Eunice, Jacqueline

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Victory names: Jaime, Jamie, Jay, Jaya, Judith, Kelsey

Source fr. Greek language. "Good victory." Eunice is recognizable (upper 8%) as a female name, whereas Eunices, Eunike, Euniss, Unice and Uniss are scantly used. From eu nikę .. [Uniss, Euniss, Eunike, .. 2 more]

Derived fr. Hebrew word. "He who supplants." Jackie is prevalent (upper 5%) as a women's name. Feminine of Jacob .. [Jakobine, Jakobina, Jacobetta, Jacoba, Jacky, Jackobina, Jackee, .. 4 more]

Origin fr. French, Hebrew words. "He who supplants." Jacqueline has faded in popularity as a girls' name since the 1960s. Feminine of Jacques, the French version .. [Zhaqueline, Zakelina, Jaklyn, Jaculine, Jacquine, Jacqui, Jacquette, Jacquenette, Jacquelynne, Jacquelynn, .. 41 more]

.. of James (Hebrew) "he who supplants" .. Used somewhat widely as birth names, Jayme, Jaime, etc. are comparable to the common Mayme. [Jaymee, Jamie, Jamey, James, Jamee, .. 1 more]

Based on Hebrew. "He who supplants." Rather quirky as a baby name. An old fashioned Latin feminine form .. [Jamesette, .. 1 more]

Origin fr. Hebrew word. "He who supplants." Jamie (top 3%), Jaime (12%), Jami (18%), Jayme (28%), Jaimie (38%), Jammie (43%), Jamey (68%), Jaymie (75%), Jamee (85%), Jaimee (87%) and Jama (99%) are common as female names. Originally a pet form of James .. [Jaymie, Jaymee, Jamielee, Jaimey, Jaima, .. 16 more]

.. is derived from Sanskrit, meaning "victory" .. Jae, Jaycie, Jayla and Jaylene are prevalent as variant forms of Jay. [Jeyla, Jaylene, Jaline, .. 10 more]

Source fr. Hindi. "Victorious." A familiar birth name (#1626 IN RECENT RANKINGS), Jaya also exists often as a surname. See also Jay. Mythology ..

.. Hebrew army to victory over the .. Judith and variants became more popular in 2015, rising on average +6 positions as children's names with Judy gaining the most. [Jutta, Judye, Judy, Judite, Judita, Jodie, .. 11 more]

Origin fr. Old English word. "Victorious ship." Kelcy, Kellsey, Kellsie, Kelsa and Kelseigh are more rare as variant forms of Kelsey. Also possibly a place name referring .. [Kelsy, Kelsie, Kelseigh, Kelsa, Kelcie, .. 7 more]

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Summary Index of Victory names [and variants] for girls.

1. Ailsa - Kelsey
Ailsa [Elsa, Ailis, Ailse, Elshe, Elsha], Ashanti [Shanti, Shantee, Ashaunte, Ashaunti, Ashuntae, Shauntae, Shauntee, Ashauntee, ..], Aubrey [Aubri, Aubry, Aubury, Aubrie, Aubriana, Aubrette, Aubrianne, Aubrianna, ..], Berenice [Bernie, Bernise, Berenis, Berenisa, Bernessa, Bernetta, Berenise], Bernice [Nixie, Bunny, Bunnie, Vernice, Veronica, Veronike, Veronika, Veronique, ..], Bertha [Bird, Berty, Birdy, Birta, Birdie, Birtha, Laberta, Bertuska, ..], Colette [Collet, Coleta, Colleta, Coletta, Collete, Kolette, Collett, Collette, ..], Coline [Colina, Collina, Colline, Nicoleen, Nicoline, Nicolene, Nicolyne, Colinette, ..], Deborah [Debs, Dobra, Debrah, Devora, Devorah, Debralee, Debriana, Debreanna, ..], Elli, Eunice [Uniss, Unice, Eunike, Euniss, Eunices], Jacobina [Jacky, Jacoba, Jakobine, Jacobine, Jakobina, Jacobyna, Jacobetta, Jacobette, ..], Jacqueline [Jaquith, Jaquelyn, Zakelina, Jaqueline, Zhakelina, Jaquelynn, Zacqueline, Zhaqueline, ..], Jaime [James, Jamee, Jamey, Jamie, Jayme, Jaymee], Jamesina [Jamesetta, Jamesette], Jamie [Jami, Jayme, Jamia, Jammie, Jaymee, Jaymie, Jamilyn, Jamielee, ..], Jay [Jeh, Jey, Jaye, Jayla, Jeyla, Jaylan, Jaylah, Jaylene, ..], Jaya, Judith [Judy, Judit, Judye, Jutta, Judite, Judita, Judithe, Juditha, ..], Kelsey [Kelsa, Kelsi, Kelsy, Kelsie, Kelsea, Kelsee, Kellsie, Kelseigh, ..]

Kinsey [Kinzee, Kinsee, Kinsie, Kinnsee, Kinnsie, Kinnsey], Lacey [Lacy, Lacie, Lacina, Laicee, Laisey, Laicey, Laycie, Lacyann, ..], Latoya [Letoya, Latoia, Latoria, Latoyah, Latoyla, Latorya], Laura [Lory, Lorna, Lorri, Lorry, Lorrie, Lorita, Lorretta, Lorrette, ..], Nicola [Nikola, Nacola, Niccola, Nichola, Nickola], Nicole [Nykia, Nycole, Nykole, Nychole, Nycholl, Nyquole, Nykolia, Nyquolle, ..], Nicoline [Nika, Nicolyn, Nicolene, Nikolene, Nicolyne], Nike [Nika], Nikita [Nakita, Nakeeta, Nickita, Nikeeta, Niquita], Roxanne [Roxy, Roxie, Roxine, Ruksana, Ruksane, Roxianne, Roxyanna, Ruksanna, ..], Sigfreda [Sigfryda, Sigfrida, Sigfrieda], Sigismonda [Sigmunda, Sigmonda, Sigismunda], Signa [Signy, Signe, Signild, Signilda, Signilde], Sigrid [Sigred], Tori [Tory, Torri, Torry, Torie, Torree, Torrie, Torrye, Torrey, ..], Veronica [Vonnie, Veronka, Veronike, Veronqua, Veronika, Veronicka, Veronique, Veroniqua, ..], Victoria [Viqui, Vitoria, Viktoria, Viktorka, Vittoria, Viktorija, Viktorina, Viktorine, ..]

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