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Edna - Vincentia

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Edna 1 .. .. Poet Edna Saint Vincent Millay; novelist .. Edna is commonplace (Top 3%) as a feminine name. The variation Ena is prevalent as a form of the name. [Eda, Eddie, Eddnah, Edina, Ena, .. 4 more]

Louise 2 .. .. co-founder with Saint Vincent de Paul .. Louise has waned in favor as a name for babies over time. The variations Luise, Lu, Lou, Loise and Eloisa are commonly used as forms of this name. [Aloisa, Aloysia, Eloise, Heloise, Lois, .. 32 more]

Vincentia 3 .. Unusual feminine form of Vincent. Seldom used as a birth name. The variation Vicenta is commonly used as a form of Vincentia. [Vicenta, Vicentia, Vincentena, Vincintine, Vincenzia, .. 5 more]

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[Edna - Vincentia]
Edna [Ena, Eddi, Eddy, Ednah, Eddie, Eddna, Edina, Eddnah], Louise [Lula, Lulu, Luisa, Luise, Lujza, Luella, Lulita, Lujzika, ..], Vincentia [Vinetta, Vincenta, Vincenza, Vincetta, Vincenzia, Vincentena, Vincentina, Vincintine, ..]