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Violet names and what they mean, for violet, purple for women. Usage of these girl names was at its apex during 1910-1919 and is somewhat lower today, with names such as Yolanda, Ione and Iola becoming less stylish. Violet (#67) and Lydia (#84) are two of the more chic names for newborns in this compilation, and there is also a resurgence in baby name usage for Lydia and Violet.

Amethyst - Yolanda

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Amethyst 1 .. Root fr. Greek element. "Precious purple jewel." Amethyst is an unconventional women's name. According to ancient Greek superstition .. [Amathyst, Amatista, .. 2 more]

Clematis 2 .. .. vine with white or purple blooms .. Clematis is rare as a women's name. [Clematia, .. 2 more]

Fiala 3 .. Stems fr. Czechoslovakian word. "Violet." Seldom used as a name for girls, Fiala is used more conventionally as a last name. See also Filia.

Hyacinth 4 .. .. that ranges from sapphire to violet .. Hyacinth is common (Top 66%) as a female name. The variation Jacinta is widely used as a variant form of Hyacinth. [Cintha, Cinthia, Giacinta, Hyacinthe, Hyacintia, .. 14 more]

Ianthe 5 .. Root fr. Greek language. "Violet flower." Scarce as a given name for baby girls. Mythology .. [Iantha, Ianthia, .. 2 more]

Iola 6 .. Derivative of Greek word. "Violet-colored dawn." The name Iola has been on a downward trend in favor as a name for newborns over time. See also Yola. [Iole]

Iolanthe 7 .. Root fr. Greek element. "Violet flower." Rarely used as a name for baby girls. Yolanda is the more common Spansh .. [Iolanda, Jolantha, Yolanthe, .. 6 more]

Ione 8 .. Derivative of Greek word. "Violet." A somewhat scarce birth name nowadays, though found commonly as a first name among females of all ages according to the US Census. See also Iona. Flower name .. [Ionia, .. 1 more]

Jacaranda 9 .. a tree with purple blossoms that .. A unique name for babies. [Jacarannda, .. 2 more]

Jolan 10 .. Derived fr. Greek element. "Violet flower." Jolan is a rarely occurring first name. See also Jilana. Middle-European form of Iolanthe .. [Jola, Jolaine, Jolanta, .. 4 more]

Lantana 11 .. clusters of orange or purple blossoms. Lantana is intermittently used as a women's name. [Lantanna]

Lydia 12 .. .. a "seller of purple" and described .. A very popular given name (#84 in 2014) that also exists somewhat commonly as a last name. See also Lycia. [Lidia, Lidija, .. 3 more]

Mauve 13 .. .. petals of the mallow are purple .. Mauve is uncommonly used as a female name. See also Meave. [Malva]

Violante 14 .. Derivative of Greek, Latin words. "Purple flower." A rare name for newborns which occurs more commonly as a surname. See also Violanta. The source of Yolanda .. [Violant, .. 1 more]

Violet 15 .. "Purple." Violet is a recognizable (Top 7%) given name, occurring regularly (Top 22%) as a surname according to the US Census. The forms Violette and Vi are familiar as variations of this name. One of the earliest flower names .. [Eolande, Jolanda, Jolantha, Viola, Violante, .. 25 more]

Wisteria 16 Flower name: a vine with purple-blue .. Seldom used as a name for kids. See also Wister. [Wistaria]

Yolanda 17 .. Stems fr. Greek, Spanish words. "Violet flower." Yolanda and Iola have fallen off in popularity as names for newborns over time. The forms Yulanda and Iola are widely used as variations of the name. .. Yolande, a French form of Violet .. [Eolande, Iola, Iolantha, Jolanna, Jolantha, .. 21 more]

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Amethyst [4], Clematis [3], Fiala, Hyacinth [19], Ianthe [4], Iola [1], Iolanthe [9], Ione [2], Jacaranda [3], Jolan [7], Lantana [1], Lydia [5], Mauve [1], Violante [2], Violet [30], Wisteria [1], Yolanda [26]