Virgin Names from Amala - Carmel

Page 2/7. 112 Virgin names and what they mean, for virgin, pure, perfect, purity for females. Listing 6-25.

Amala 6 .. .. Hindi origin, meaning "pure" in Sanskrit. Amal is common as a version of Amala. [Amahl, Amahla, Amal, Amel]

Anne 7 .. .. Anne (mother of the Virgin Mary) .. Popular. Anne (cmp. Josanne, Maurianne) ends with the common feminine-sounding -nne. [Aine, Anelie, Anett, Anica, Anika, Anita, Anki, Annabelle, Annaelle, Annina, .. 86 more]

Annunciata 8 .. .. Annunciation, when the Virgin Mary found .. Annunciata and variants are rare as children's names. [Anonciada, .. 4 more]

Aranza 9 .. .. to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared .. Arancha, Arantxa, Arantza and Aranza are rarely found as feminine names, and Aranza exists frequently (Top 67%) as a last name. [Arancha, .. 2 more]

Artemis 10 .. .. The other two virgin goddesses were .. Artemis, Artemesia and Artemisia were not Top birth names in 2014. [Artemesia, .. 1 more]

Artemisia 11 .. Based on Greek, Spanish elements. "Perfect." Not in Top 1000. Also variant of Artemis and a .. [Artemesia]

Asia 12 .. .. one of the four "perfect women" .. Popular last names. Compare Asia, Azia, and surnames Isaia, Mesia, which also end with -ia. [Aja, Asiah, Azha, Azia, .. 3 more]

Assunta 13 .. Based on Latin word. "Assumption of the Virgin Mary into .. ." Unusual. Compare Assunta, and common last names Basanta, Nasuta, with the -ta suffix. See also Ashuntae. Italian name ..

Asuncion 14 .. Derived fr. Latin language. "Assumption of the Virgin Mary into .. ." Uncommon. Asuncion, like Anunciacion, Visitacion, ends with the popular androgynous-sounding -ion. Asunción is a Spanish name .. [Asencion]

Athena 15 .. The virgin goddess of wisdom and .. Athena, like Norena, Ellena, is a popular last name ending with -ena. [Atheena, Athenais, .. 4 more]

Bernadette 16 .. .. visions of the Virgin Mary and .. Bernadette, like Barrette, Barnette, is a common last name with the -ette ending. [Benadette, Benny, Berna, Bernadetta, Bernadina, Bernadine, Bernadotte, Bernadyna, Bernardina, Bernee, .. 21 more]

Berura 17 .. Based on Hebrew. "Pure." Berura is not in the Top 1000. See also Beruria.

Bianca 18 .. Source fr. Italian word. "White, pure." Bianca (Top 17%), Blanca (9%) and Blanche (7%) are recognizable as first names. Variant of Blanche (French) .. [Beonca, .. 9 more]

Blanche 19 .. Based on Old French, Old German elements. "White, pure." Uncommon. Blanche, like Elberthe, Blithe, ends with the common feminine-sounding -he. .. whiteness as in purity, and beauty .. [Bellanca, Blinny, .. 5 more]

Cady 20 .. Based on Greek word. "Pure." Outside Top 1000. Variant of Catherine .. [Cade, Cadee, Cadie, Cadye, Kade, Kadee, Kadi, Kady, Kayde, .. 4 more]

Caitlin 21 .. Stems fr. Old French, Greek. "Pure." Common surnames. Compare Caitlin, Caetlin, Catlin, Kaitlin, and last names Rutlin, Westlin, which also end with -tlin. Caitlín is the Irish Gaelic .. [Caelin, Caelyn, Cailen, Cailene, Cailyn, Cailynn, Caitie, Caitilin, Caitland, Caitlann, .. 43 more]

Caitrin 22 .. Derivative of Greek element. "Pure." Caitrin is a rarely occurring women's name. See also Caitrinn. Caitrín is the Irish Gaelic ..

Candida 23 .. .. by Christians with purity and salvation .. Candide and Candido are more exclusive as versions of Candida. [Candi, Candide, Candido, .. 2 more]

Caoilainn 24 .. From Irish element. "Slender and white, fair or pure." Not in Top 1000. From "caol fionn" .. [Caoilfhionn, .. 8 more]

Carmel 25 .. .. dedicated to the Virgin Mary and .. Carmel has trended downward in favor as a baby name since the 1920s. [Carma, Carmaletta, Carmalita, Carmalla, Carman, Carmanya, Carmarit, Carmelina, Carmesha, Carmia, .. 35 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Virgin names: Anne, Aranza, Asia, Assunta, Athena, Bernadette, Bianca, Blanche, Caitlin, Candida, Carmel

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