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Virtue names

Virtue names were first used by the Puritans, reflecting values and ideals based on human qualities or feelings. Virtue baby names and what they mean, for virtue.

Adoption of these girl names was at its apex in the year 2002 (adoption of 0.231%) and is almost as widespread today (adoption 0.194%, down 16.1%), but with names such as Patience, Cynthia, Charity, Esperanza and Prudence becoming somewhat dated. The most fashionable baby names in this list are Felicity (#497), Justice (#421), Serenity (#60), Faith (#81) and Grace (#21), and there is a revival in birth name usage for Faith and Grace. Fauth (top 15%) and Fath (12%) are familiar last names.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Virtue names: Charity, Chastity, Cynthia, Esperanza, Faith

Amity 1 .. A virtue name. Unconventional. Compare Amity and popular -ty last name Auty (upper 63%). [Amitie]

Charity 2 .. .. One of the virtue names, used .. Somewhat popular as birth names, Carissa, Charity, etc. are similar to the common Marissa. [Caridad, Caridade, Charisse, Charita, Charitee, Charitey, Charitye, Chattie, Sharity, Sharitye, .. 17 more]

Chastity 3 .. .. A virtue name. This name has .. Less used today. Chasity was the variant last found (2008) in the Top 1000. [Chasaty, Chassity, Chastidy, Chastin, Chastitey, .. 10 more]

Comfort 4 .. .. A virtue name introduced at the .. Outside Top 1000.

Cynthia 5 .. .. virgin goddess of virtue and Elizabeth .. Cynthia and variants became more trendy in 2014, rising on average +2 rankings as girls' names with Cindy leading the upswing. [Cinda, Cindie, Cinny, Cintia, Cyn, Cyndie, Cynnie, Cynthea, Cynthie, Cythia, .. 42 more]

Esperanza 6 .. .. of the three virtues. See also .. Esperanra, Esperanzaeu and Euesperanza are kreatif variations. [Esperance, .. 1 more]

Fadila 7 .. Source fr. Arabic. "Moral excellence, virtue." Not Top 1000 names. Feminine of Fadile. [Fadheela, .. 1 more]

Faith 8 .. A virtue name meaning trust in .. Faith has grown progressively more popular with parents since the 1900s. [Fae, Faye, Fe, .. 4 more]

Felicity 9 .. A virtue name first used in .. Felicity has risen in prominence since 1880-1889. [Felicita, Flick, .. 2 more]

Grace 10 .. A virtue name introduced by the .. Gracelynn and form are at the apex of their popularity presently. [Engracia, Gracella, Gracelynne, Gracey, Gracina, Grata, Gratiana, Gratiela, Graziella, Grazina, .. 19 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Virtue names: Felicity, Grace, Justice, Mercy, Patience

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Virtue names: Prudence, Serenity

Honor 11 .. A virtue name; Honour was used .. Honour and variant are at the height of their popularity presently. [Annora, Honorata, Onora, .. 12 more]

Justice 12 A virtue name. The cardinal A very popular children's name (#421 a year ago), Justice is also used conventionally as a surname. [Justiss, .. 1 more]

Mercy 13 .. A virtue name popular with the .. Prominent, with the -cy suffix for Mercy, like Macy. [Mercey, Mercina, .. 4 more]

Modesty 14 .. A virtue name that the Romans .. Usage of Modesty and form expanded in the 1910s and has become less. [Modesta, .. 3 more]

Patience 15 .. Virtue name used since the 16th .. Prominent, with the -ce ending for Patience, like Peace. [Paciencia, Patient, .. 2 more]

Peace 16 .. Not strictly a virtue name. Rarely used as a girls' name, Peace occurs more conventionally as a last name. See also Peachy.

Prudence 17 .. Virtue name most common in the .. Prudy and form were favored as baby names in the 1880s and are now less popular, with Prudence becoming less in vogue. [Pru, Prue, .. 3 more]

Purity 18 .. A virtue name. See also Chastity. Outside Top 1000. [Pureza]

Serenity 19 .. A virtue name. Prominent, with the androgynous-sounding -ty ending for Serenity, like Sharity. [Serene]

Silence 20 Puritan virtue name that is now .. Not Top 1000 name.

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Summary of Virtue names (and variants) for girls.

Amity - Silence
Amity [Amitie], Charity [Karita, Cherri, Cherit, Cherry, Sharity, Sharitee, Sharitey, Sharitye, ..], Chastity [Chasty, Chastin, Chastina, Chastney, Chastine, Chastitey, Chastitie, Chastitee, ..], Comfort, Cynthia [Syndy, Syndia, Syntha, Synthee, Synthya, Synthie, Synthia, Syntheea, ..], Esperanza [Esperance, Esperantia], Fadila [Fazila, Fadheela], Faith [Fe, Fay, Fae, Faye, Fayth, Faythe, Faithe], Felicity [Flick, Felicita, Felicite, Felicitas], Grace [Grazia, Grayce, Grazyna, Grazina, Graziosa, Gratiela, Graziella, Gratiella, ..], Honor [Nora, Onora, Norry, Norah, Honour, Norina, Norine, Honorine, ..], Justice [Justiss, Justyce], Mercy [Merci, Mercie, Mersey, Mercey, Mercina, Mercilla], Modesty [Modesta, Modestia, Modestina, Modestine], Patience [Patient, Pazienza, Paciencia, Patienzia], Peace, Prudence [Pru, Prue, Prudy, Prudie, Prudencia], Purity [Pureza], Serenity [Serene], Silence

Temperance - Wisdom
Temperance, Truth [Truly, Trule, Truley], Verity [Verety, Verita, Veretie, Veritie], Virtue, Wisdom