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Voice Names

5 Voice names and what they mean, for voice for baby girls, listing 1-5. Echo is a commonly used name, while Calliope, Emer, Kalliope and Orfea are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Voice names for boys.

Calliope .. "Beautiful voice." ..
[Callia, Callyope, Kalliope]

Echo .. Mythology: a nymph who loved Narcissus and faded away until only her voice was left behind.

Emer .. In Irish legend, Emer was Cú Chulainn's beloved, a woman blessed with the "six gifts of womanhood", which are beauty, a gentle voice, sweet words, needlework, wisdom, and chastity ..
[Eimear, Eimer, Eimhir]

Kalliope .. "Beautiful voice." ..

Orfea Feminine of the Greek mythology name Orpheus, meaning "beautiful voice".
[Orfeya, Orfia, Orphea, Orpheya, Orphia]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Voice names: Emer

Featured categories: admiration, agent, diva, favor, instrument, respect, singer, songbird, soprano, speech, talk.

Kineta .. "Active." ..

Clelia .. She was returned, but out of admiration, the Estrucans released her along with other hostages ..

Bay .. Also a plant name: the term "bay" is used for several different kinds of trees, including the bay laurel, whose leaves are used as a herb and flavouring agent, and were also twined into wreaths by the Greeks, to crown victors ..

Zureidy .. "Well-spoken, articulate."
[Zoraida, Zuraide, Zureida]

Ardith .. Ardith is also an old Swedish name that means "spiritual prosperity", and is traditionally given to baby girls as a blessing.
[Ardath, Ardelia, Ardell, Ardella, Aedelle, .. 1 more]

Kanara .. "Little bird, canary."
[Kanarit, Kanarra]

Fortune .. Mythology: the Roman goddess of fortune, chance, and happiness ..
[Fortuna, Fortunata]

Chante .. From the word "chanter" ..
[Chantae, Chantay, Chaunte]

Corisande .. May also derive from Greek meaning "chorus singer" ..
[Corisanda, Corissande, Corrisande]

Rachel .. Biblical: Jacob's wife, described as being "beautiful in form and countenance" ..
[Rachael, Racheal, Rachelanne, Rachelce, Rachele, .. 25 more]

Iris .. Mythology: Iris was a messenger-goddess who rode rainbows between heaven and earth to deliver messages from Olympus ..
[Irida, Iridiana, Iridianny, Irisa, Irisha, .. 1 more]

Jessie .. Opera diva Jessye Norman.
[Jesirae, Jeslyn, Jess, Jessa, Jessalyn, .. 15 more]

Mary .. Through the centuries, names like Dolores and Mercedes have been created to express aspects of Mary's life and worship ..
[Mair, Maire, Mal, Malia, Mallie, .. 98 more]

Grace .. "Favor." ..
[Engracia, Eugracia, Gracee, Gracella, Gracelynn, .. 22 more]

Allyriane .. The lyre was a stringed instrument, a predecessor of today's harp or guitar.


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