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War Names

19 War names related to or that mean war for girls, listing War baby names 1-19. Athena, Bertha, Helen, Kelly, Kimberly, Leah, Marcella, Marcia and Shiloh are popular names. Alala, Anatolia, Brianda, Eris, Ermintrude, Iphigenia, Padme, Vigdis, Viveca and Wyetta are uncommon names. View War baby names below for name meanings or search War names for boys.

Alala ... "War-like." ... the god of war.

Anatolia ... site of the legendary Trojan War, was.
[Anatola, Anatolya]

Athena ... Mythology: the virgin goddess of wisdom and war ...
[Atheena, Athenais, Athene, Athie, Athina, ... 1 more]

Bertha ... A German cannon used in World War I was nicknamed "Big Bertha" after Bertha Krupp ...
[Berrta, Berrte, Berrti, Berrtina, Berrty, ... 16 more]

Brianda ... During the ancient religious wars of Christianity ...

Eris ... and sister of Ares the god of war.
[Aeress, Eriss, Erys, Eryss]

Ermintrude ... referring to Ermen the Germanic god of war.
[Ermengard, Ermentraud, Ermyntrude, Irmentrud, Irmtraud, ... 2 more]

Helen ... resulted in the Trojan War ...
[Aileen, Ailene, Aleanor, Alene, Aline, ... 73 more]

Iphigenia ... Her father sacrificed her to gain advantage in the Trojan war ...
[Efigenia, Ephigenia, Ephigenie, Ifigenia, Iphigeneia, ... 2 more]

Kelly ... "Strife, war." ...
[Kelianne, Kellee, Kelleen, Kelleigh, Kelley, ... 6 more]

Kimberly ... Masculine use of the name can be traced back to the Boer War ...
[Kim, Kimba, Kimber, Kimberlee, Kimberleigh, ... 17 more]

Leah ... The fictional Princess Leia of "Star Wars" fame has made Leia familiar as a given name ...
[Lea, Lee, Leia, Leigh, Lia]

Marcella ... god of war ...
[Marcela, Marcele, Marcelina, Marcelinda, Marceline, ... 19 more]

Marcia ... Mars was the Roman god of war ...
[Marcella, Marcena, Marcene, Marchita, Marci, ... 18 more]

Padme ... Name of a fictional "Star Wars" princess, Padme Amidala.

Shiloh ... Shiloh is also the site of a crucial battle in the American Civil War ...
[Shilo, Shylo, Shyloh]

Vigdis ... "War goddess."

Viveca ... "Alive; war fortress." ...
[Vivecka, Viveka, Vivica, Vivika, ... 1 more]

Wyetta Feminine of Wyatt (Old English) "war strength".

Related words: ares, athena, mars, minerva, odin, battle, contention, fighting, strife. Partial list of 1 result related to war below. Click on above related words for more results.

Top 1000 ranking of War names: Athena, Bertha, Brianda, Eris, Helen, Kelly, Kimberly, Leah, Marcella, MarciaTop 1000 ranking of War names: Shiloh


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