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Warrior names and what they mean, for warrior, spear, knight, army, sword for women. Here is the list of Warrior names for boys. Usage of these girl names was at its peak during the years 1940-1949 (usage of 0.1954%) and is somewhat lower today (usage 0.1239%, down 36.6%), with names such as Brenda, Britney, Judith, Louise and Luella falling out of style. The most trendy names for newborns here are Brittany (#456), Camilla (#364), Eloise (#300), Maeve (#482) and Sloane (#370), with Camilla and Eloise having a rebound in usage.

Adair - Barrie

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Adair 1 .. Based on Old German element. "Wealthy spear." Not Top 1000 names. Also a Scottish surname. [Adaire, .. 2 more]

Ailbhe 2 .. .. a legendary female warrior and a .. Common. Compare Ailbhe, Oilbhe and popular -he last names Rische (top 42%), Ashe (3%). [Ailbe, Alva, Elli, .. 5 more]

Ailith 3 .. Stems fr. Old English language. "Seasoned warrior." Unusual. Ailith, Aldith, Eilith, like Meradith, Meredith, use the popular feminine -ith ending. [Aldith, .. 1 more]

Aloisia 4 .. Root fr. Old German language. "Famous warrior." Eloysia and variants are not often used as baby names. Feminine of Aloysius, the name of .. [Aloise, Eloysia, .. 2 more]

Alvar 5 .. Source fr. Old English word. "Elf or magical army, warrior." Alvera is familiar as a version of Alvar. From Aelfhere. [Alvara, Alvera]

Alvara 6 .. Root fr. Italian, Old English words. "Elf warrior." Popular as last name, and Alvara (top 41%) is similar to popular last names Alvarado (top 1%), Alvare (65%), which also start with Alv-. See also Alvera. From Aelfhere ..

Ancelote 7 .. .. Lancelot, the famous knight of the .. Not Top 1000 name.

Aoife 8 .. .. heroines and a warrior princess in .. A unique birth name. [Aoibhe]

Atalanta 9 .. .. by a Greek warrior who used .. Atalanta, Atlanta and Atlante were not among 2014's Top names. [Atlanta, .. 1 more]

Barrie 10 .. Derivative of Irish, Gaelic. "Spear." Uncommon. Barrie, like Karrie, Harrie, ends with the familiar feminine -rrie. From the male Gaelic name Bearach .. [Bari, Barri]

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Summary of Warrior names (and variants) for girls.

Adair - Barrie
Adair [Adare, Adaire, Adayre], Ailbhe [Elli, Elva, Elvy, Oilbhe, ..], Ailith [Aldith, Eilith], Aloisia [Aloise, Aloysia, Eloisia, Eloysia], Alvar [Alvara, Alvera], Alvara, Ancelote, Aoife [Aoibhe], Atalanta [Atlanta, Atlante], Barrie [Bari, Barri]

Bathilda - Gertrude
Bathilda [Bertilde, Bertilda, Berthilda, Berthilde, ..], Berengaria, Bertilde, Boadicea, Brandy [Branndie, Brantley, Branyell, Debranda, ..], Brenda [Brinda, Brynda, Brenndah, Labrenda, ..], Britney [Brittney, Brittnee, Brittini], Brittany [Bryttany, Bryttine, Bryttnee, Bryttney, ..], Camilla [Milli, Milly, Millee, Millie, ..], Corin [Korin, Corrin, Corrine, Corrina, ..], Deborah [Debs, Dobra, Devora, Devorah, ..], Egberta [Egbertina, Egbertine, Egbertyna, Egbertyne], Eloise [Eloyse, Elouisa, Elouise, Heloise, ..], Emily [Emyle, Milka, Milly, Emylee, ..], Enda [Eanna], Enid [Enyd, Enydd, Enidd, Eneida, ..], Fidelma [Fedelma], Geraldine [Jerry, Jerrie, Jerrileen, Jerroldeen, ..], Gerardine [Gerardina, Gerardyne, Gererdina, Gerrardene], Gertrude [Trudi, Trudy, Trude, Trudie, ..]

Gladys - Trista
Gladys [Gladis, Gladyss, Gwladys, Gwyladyss, ..], Haralda [Hally, Harolda, Haroldene, Haroldina, ..], Heloise [Lois, Eloise, Eloisa, Heloisa], Jerrie [Jery, Jerri, Jerry, Jerrey, ..], Judith [Judy, Judye, Jutta, Judithe, ..], Keisha [Kicia, Kisha, Kesia, Kiesha, ..], Lois, Louise [Lulu, Lula, Lulita, Lujzika, ..], Luella [Lu, Lula, Lulu, Luelle, ..], Lulu, Madison [Madisen, Madisyn, Madyson, Madisson], Maeve [Mave, Meave], Maia [Mya, Moia, Moya, Moja, ..], Ouida, Paige [Page, Paget, Payge, Pagett, ..], Quirina, Serilda [Sarilda, Serhilda, Serhilde, Serrilda], Sloane [Sloan], Tandy [Thandy, Thandee, Thandie, Thandey, ..], Trista [Trysta, Tristyn, Trystan, Trystin, ..]

Tristana - Zarya
Tristana [Tristen, Tristenna], Trudy [Trudi, Trudey, Trudie, Trudye, ..], Waltrina [Waltina, Walteena, Walterine], Xenia [Zena, Zina, Zyna, Zenia, ..], Zarya [Zaria]