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Water Names for girls

Page 2/2. 22 Water names and what they mean, for water for baby girls, listing 21-22.

Yara .. (Brazilian, Arabic) "Water lady." ..
[Iara, Uira]

Zarya .. Mythology: Zarya is a water priestess and protector of warriors.

Popularity of Water baby names

Yara and Zarya are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: cut, dew, doctor, drink, earth, fire, gentle, mermaid, moon, nature, rain, substance, tame, thread.

Aranrhod .. Name of the mother of Dylan and Lleu Llaw Gyffes in the "Mabinogi" ..

Rhea .. Mythology: Rhea was the mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, and Demeter ..
[Rea, Reya, Rhae, Rhaya, Rhia, .. 1 more]

Sorrel .. This refers to the acid taste of its leaves.
[Sorel, Sorell, Sorrell]

Acquanetta .. Invented name related to "aqua", which is Latin for "water" ..
[Acquanette, Aquanette, Aquannette]

Enola .. The name was made known in 1945 in the form Enola Gay as the name of the plane that carried the atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima ..

Cherith () "Stream bed." ..
[Cheryth, Kerith, Kerrith]

Mendota .. There is a beverage water, Mendota Springs, named after an Indian princess.

Precious .. In Catholic tradition, also a reference to the "precious blood of Christ".
[Precia, Preciosa]

Agrippina .. Sister of the corrupt Roman emperor Caligula and mother of the also unsavory Roman Emperor Nero, who had her murdered.

Crystal .. The English word for the clear glass, sometimes cut into the shape of a gemstone ..
[Christal, Christalene, Christalin, Christall, Christalle, .. 70 more]

Abital .. (Hebrew) "Father of dew." ..
[Abeetal, Avital]

Ancina .. Saint Ancina (16th century) was a doctor of medicine and philosophy.

Amethyst .. According to ancient Greek superstition, an amethyst protected its owner against the effects of strong drink ..
[Amathyst, Amatista, Amethist, Amethiste]

Adamina .. (Hebrew) "Earth." .. Biblical: God created Adam out of the "red earth".
[Ada, Adameena, Adamine, Adaminna, Addie, .. 4 more]

Aidan .. (Gaelic) "Fire." ..
[Adan, Aden, Aiden, Audan, Ayden, .. 1 more]

Aphrodite .. (Greek) "Foam." .. She was said to have been born on the sea foam.

Adina .. (Hebrew) "Noble, gentle, delicate." ..
[Adeana, Adeen, Adeena, Adena, Adinah, .. 1 more]

Cassiopeia .. Possibly means "cassia juice" ..
[Cassiopia, Kassioleia, Kassiopia]

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