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Wealthy names

Wealthy baby names and what they mean, for wealthy, rich, prosperous, wealth, prosperity, fortune.

Adoption of these girl names reached its peak during 1890-1899 (adoption of 0.093%) and is almost as conventional today (adoption 0.066%, 29.19%), but with names like Ardith, Eda, Edwina, Helga and Ida becoming somewhat outmoded. Destiny (#160), Lydia (#84), Melanie (#79) and Mira (#613) are four of the more fashionable birth names among these, and there is a revival in birth name usage for Lydia. Claver (top 39%) and Cliver (26%) are popular surnames.

Here is the list of Wealthy names for boys.

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Wealthy names: Alda, Ardith, Destiny, Ebba, Eda

Adair 1 .. Derivative of Old German. "Wealthy spear." Adairau, Adairra and Adairry are kreatif forms. Also a Scottish surname. [Adaire, Adayre, .. 1 more]

Alda 2 .. Stems fr. Old German element. "Old, prosperous." Not in popularity charts. Feminine of Aldo and Otto. [Aldabella, Aldana, Aldara, Aldea, Aldona, Aleda, .. 5 more]

Ardith 3 .. .. that means "spiritual prosperity", and is .. Popular, and Ardith is similar to common last name Asquith (upper 24%), which also ends with -ith. [Ardath, .. 5 more]

Artha 4 .. Origin fr. Hindi language. "Riches." Rare. Artha (cf. Anusha) uses the -ha suffix. See also Ardea.

Ashira 5 .. Origin fr. Hebrew. "Rich; I will sing." Ashira, Asheera and Ashirah are not in the Top 1000. [Asheera, Ashirah]

Auda 6 .. From Old French word. "Prosperous." Auda, Aud and Aude are unique as children's names. [Aud, .. 1 more]

Bolanile 7 .. Derived fr. Nigerian word. "This house's riches." Outside Top 1000.

Clover 8 .. .. traditional symbol of wealth, luck and .. Clover and Clova were not among 2014's Top names. [Clova]

Cybil 9 .. .. to a prophetess or fortune teller .. Uncommon as birth names, but Cybil and Cybill are comparable to the more conventional Sybil. [Cybill]

Destiny 10 .. Derivative of Old French. "One's certain fortune, fate." Destiny is a contemporarily stylish form. Mythology .. [Destanee, Destinee, Destini, Destinie, Destyni, .. 3 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Wealthy names: Edith, Edwina

Dhana 11 .. Derived fr. Hindi, Sanskrit elements. "Wealthy." Dhana and Dhanna are not frequently adopted as children's names. [Dhanna]

Dita 12 .. Derived fr. Spanish, Old English elements. "Strife for wealth." Not that common as a baby name. Variant of Edith.

Ebba 13 .. Also possibly means "fortress of riches" .. Ebbe is more rarefied as a version of Ebba. [Ebbe]

Eda 14 .. Stems fr. Old German element. "Strife for wealth." Less used today. Eda was the variation last appearing (the 1910s) in the Top 1000. From ead gyd .. [Edda, .. 1 more]

Edina 15 .. Based on Old English, Hebrew elements. "Wealthy friend; pleasure, delight." Unique, with the feminine -ina ending for Edina, Adina, like Earldina. Variant of Edwina and Edna .. [Adena, Edeena, .. 2 more]

Edith 16 .. Root fr. Old English element. "Strife for wealth." Eadie (top 13%), Eda (72%), Ede (20%), Edie (11%) and Edy (78%) are found regularly as surnames. From ad gy .. [Dita, Edi, Edie, Editha, Ediva, Edyta, Edyth, Edythe, Eidytha, Eydie, .. 14 more]

Edmonda 17 .. Stems fr. Old English element. "Wealthy protector." Outside Top 1000. Feminine of Edmund. [Edma, Edmonde, Edmunda, .. 2 more]

Edris 18 .. Based on Old English. "Rich and powerful." Edris (top 31%) and Edra (84%) appear often as surnames. Feminine of Edric. [Edra, .. 2 more]

Edwardine 19 .. Root fr. Old English. "Wealthy guard." Rare, with the androgynous-sounding -ine ending for Edwardine, like Erminine. Feminine of Edward. [Edwarda, Edwardeen, Edwardina, .. 2 more]

Edwina 20 .. Based on Old English. "Wealthy friend." Edwina is a frequently occurring (upper 19%) female name. [Edina, Edweena, Edwena, Edwinna, Edwyna, .. 3 more]

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Summary of Wealthy names (and variants) for girls.

Adair - Edwina
Adair [Adare, Adaire, Adayre], Alda [Alida, Aleda, Aldene, Aldina, Aldona, Aldine, ..], Ardith [Ardis, Ardell, Ardath, Ardelia, Ardella, Aedelle], Artha, Ashira [Asheera, Ashirah], Auda [Aud, Aude], Bolanile, Clover [Clova], Cybil [Cybill], Destiny [Destine, Destyni, Destini, Destinie, Destinee, Destiney, ..], Dhana [Dhanna], Dita, Ebba [Ebbe], Eda [Ede, Edda], Edina [Adina, Edyna, Adena, Edeena], Edith [Eyde, Eydie, Eidyth, Eydith, Eidith, Eidytha, ..], Edmonda [Edma, Edmee, Edmea, Edmonde, Edmunda], Edris [Edra, Eidra, Eydra], Edwardine [Edwarda, Edwardeen, Edwardene, Edwardina, Edwardyne], Edwina [Edwine, Edwyna, Edwena, Edwiena, Edwinna, Edwynne, ..]

Elodie - Otthild
Elodie [Elody, Elodia, Elodea, Helodea, Helodia, Helodie], Fortune [Fortuna, Fortunata], Happy, Helga [Hege, Helje, Hella, Helle], Ida [Idania, Idette], Idra, Ishara, Lakshmi [Laxmi], Lydia [Lyda, Lidie, Lydie, Lidia, Lidija], Melanie [Meloni, Milena, Melony, Melonie, Melloney, Melonnie, ..], Mira [Myra, Mirka, Mirra, Myrene, Myrella, Myrilla, ..], Nagida [Negida], Neda [Nedi, Nedda, Neddie], Neema, Odele [Odell, Udele, Udelia, Odella, Odelle, Udilia, ..], Odette [Odetta], Odila [Odile, Udile, Odilia, Udelia, Udilia, Odolia], Ondine [Ondina, Ondyne, Undine], Ophira [Ofira, Ofeera], Otthild [Otylia, Ottila, Ottilie, Ottilia, Ottiline, Ottoline]

Otzara - Zenobia
Otzara [Ozara, Otzarah], Peony, Rafa [Rafah], Rica [Riki, Rieka, Rikki, Rycca, Riqua, Riecka, ..], Saba [Sabah, Sheba, Shebah], Sheba [Saba, Sabah, Scheba, Shebah, Sheeba, Shieba], Udele [Uda, Udella, Udelle, Yudelle, Yudella, Ywedelle], Ula [Eula, Ulla, Ulli, Yulla], Ulrika [Ulrica], Undine [Ondina, Ondine, Undeen, Undene, Undina], Vanna [Vana, Lavanna, Vanetta], Zaida [Zada, Zadie, Zayda, Zayeeda], Zenobia [Zenda, Zenna, Zenina, Zenaide, Zenayda, Zenobie, ..]