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White names and what they mean, for white, fair, snow, pale for women. Here is the list of White names for boys. These girl names were at the top of their popularity in the year 2013 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names like Whitney, Cayla, Fern, Glenda and Justine falling out of style. The trendier girl names here are Blake (#589), Kenzie (#244), Gwendolyn (#420), Fiona (#204) and Maeve (#482), with Fiona enjoying a rebound in popularity.

Adila - Alberga

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Adila 1 .. Source fr. Arabic. "Righteous, fair." Uncommon as a given name for baby girls. See also Adiella. Feminine of Adil.

Aeronwen 2 .. Origin fr. Welsh word. "Fair, blessed berries." An unusual birth name. Also possibly derives from the name ..

Ailbhe 3 .. Based on Irish, Gaelic element. "White." Infrequently used as a name for girls. The form Elli is commonly used as a version of the name. From albho .. [Ailbe, Alby, Alvy, Elva, Oilbhe, .. 3 more]

Alba 4 .. Origin fr. Latin word. "White." Unisex name. Usage of Alba as a girls' name is somewhat infrequent. Alba is used more frequently as a last name. The variation Alva is common as a form of this name. Popular in Spain .. [Albane, Albia, Albine, Albinka, Alva, .. 3 more]

Alberga 5 .. Source fr. Latin, Old German words. "White; noble." Infrequently used as a name for girls. See also Alvera. Also closely related to the French .. [Alberge, Elberge, .. 1 more]

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[Adila - Alberga]
Adila, Aeronwen, Ailbhe [Elli, Elva, Elvy, Oilbhe, ..], Alba [Alva, Alby, Albinia, Albinka, ..], Alberga [Alberge, Elberga, Elberge]

[Albinia - Elva]
Albinia [Alva, Alvina, Aubine, Albinka, ..], Alva [Allie, Alvah, Alvit, Albinia, ..], Anwen [Anwyn], Arianwen [Arianwyn], Astrid [Atti, Astrud, Astryr, Estrid, ..], Audrey [Audry, Audrye, Audris, Audrina, ..], Aven, Becky [Becki], Begonia, Beibhinn [Bebhinn], Bianca [Byanca, Blanca, Blanche, Blancha, ..], Blake [Blakeny, Blakely, Bladeney, Blakenee, ..], Blanche [Blanch, Blanka, Blinny, Branca, ..], Blanchefleur, Blodwen [Blodwyn, Blodwynne], Blondell [Blondy, Blondie, Blondene, Blondelle], Branwen [Brangwen], Bronwyn [Bronya, Bronwin, Bronwen, Bronwynn, ..], Calla, Candida [Candy, Candie, Candide, Candido], Caoilainn [Kalin, Caelyn, Keelan, Keelin, ..], Carmel [Mina, Lita, Melita, Melina, ..], Caron [Carin, Carren, Carron, Caronwen], Carwen, Casiphia, Cayla [Kayla, Kaylee, Kayley, Kayleigh, ..], Ceinlys, Ceinwen [Cain, Keyne], Ceri [Keri, Cerian], Ceridwen [Ceri, Ceridwyn, Cerridwen, Cerridwyn, ..], Charlotte [Sherry, Sherye, Sheryl, Tottie, ..], Cilla, Clematis [Clematia, Clematice, Clematiss], Eiddwen, Eilwen, Eira, Eirwen [Eirawen], Eiry, Eliza [Liz, Elza, Liza, Lyza, ..], Elva [Elvy, Elfie, Elvie, Elvia]

[Elvis - Neiva]
Elvis, Ermine [Ermin, Ermina, Erminia, Erminne], Esyllt, Eurwen [Eurwyn], Farrah [Fara, Farah, Farra], Fenella [Finella, Fynella], Fern [Ferna, Ferne], Ffion, Finella, Finola, Fiona [Fione, Fyona, Ffyona, Fionna, ..], Fionnula [Nola, Nuala, Fionola, Fionnualagh, ..], Galatea [Galatee, Galathea], Gaynor [Gayna, Gaenor, Gayner], Genevieve [Jenny, Janeva, Jennie, Jenevieve, ..], Ginevra [Genevra], Giustinia [Justina, Justine, Giustina, Justiniana], Glenda [Glynda, Glinda, Glennda], Guinevere [Win, Winne, Winny, Winnie, ..], Gwen [Gwyn, Gwenn, Gwynn], Gwenda [Gwenda, Gwynda], Gwendolyn [Win, Wendy, Winne, Wynne, ..], Gwyneth [Winny, Wynne, Winnie, Wynnie, ..], Gwyn [Gwynn, Gwinne, Gwynna, Gwynne, ..], Isolde [Ysolda, Ysolde, Ysotta, Ysotte, ..], Ivory [Ivorie, Ivoreen, Ivorine], Jennifer [Jenny, Jenyfer, Jenniver, Jennyfer, ..], Justine [Justy, Justinn, Justyna, Justyne, ..], Kayla [Keyla, Kaylin, Kaylyn, Kaylla, ..], Kellen [Kellan, Kellyn], Kenzie [Kenza, Kenzy, Kinzie], Kezia [Kizzy, Kezzie, Kizzie, Kissie, ..], Lewana [Livana, Levana, Lewanna, Levanna], Loire [Loir, Loirane], Maeve [Mave, Meave], Mckenzie, Morgan [Morgin, Morgen, Morganne, Morgayne, ..], Morwenna [Morwyn, Morwina, Morwinna, Morwynna], Moselle [Mosella, Mosette, Moiselle, Moisella], Neiva [Neva, Nevya, Neives]

[Neva - Zuleika]
Neva [Neve, Nevada, Nevara, Nieves], Nola [Nowla], Nuala [Nola, Nula, Noola, Nualla], Olwen [Olwin, Olwyn, Olwenn, Olwynne], Orinthia [Orna, Ornina, Orenthia, Orrinthia], Petunia, Phoebe [Phebe, Pheby, Phoebey, Phoeboe, ..], Rabab [Rabiah], Rhiannon [Rianne, Rianon, Rianna, Riannon, ..], Rosalba, Rowena [Rowina, Roweena, Rowenna, Roweina], Sabrina [Sabryna, Sebrina, Zabrina, Sebreena, ..], Snowdrop, Vanessa [Vinisha, Vonessa, Vonesse, Vonnessa, ..], Vanna [Vana, Lavanna, Vanetta], Vanora [Vannora], Wanetta [Wanita, Waneta, Wanette], Whitley [Whitlea, Whitelea, Whittley], Whitney [Whittany, Whittney, Whittnie, Whittaney, ..], Wynne [Wyn, Wynn, Winny, Winnie, ..], Wynstelle [Winstella, Winstelle, Wynstella], Wysandra [Wysandria], Yara [Iara, Uira], Zahra [Zahrah], Zuleika [Zulaica, Zuleica]