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Wild names and what they mean, for wild, desert for women. Here is the list of Wild names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex in the year 1997 (usage of 0.0968%) and is almost as widespread today (usage 0.0815%, down 15.8%), but with names like Anne becoming less trendy. Sage (#388) is the most chic name for newborns here.

Anne - Zenobia

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Anne 1 .. .. Wild West sharpshooter Annie Oakley; actresses .. Popular as last names. Compare Anne (top 31%), Anona, etc. and popular surnames Annen (top 21%), Ante (25%), with the An- prefix. [Aine, Anika, Anissa, Anitra, Anki, Anna, Annalisa, Anneke, Annetta, Anni, .. 86 more]

Briar 2 .. Stems fr. English word. "Thorny bush of wild roses, brambles." Briar, like the similar Brei, exists more usually as a surname. 20th century coinage. [Brier, Briet, Brietta, Brya, .. 2 more]

Brier 3 .. .. also describes a wild rose with .. Brier (cf. Marier, Bovier) is a popular -ier suffix last name. [Briar]

Cybele 4 .. .. gods, men, and wild nature, lions .. Unconventional. Compare Cybele and popular -ele last names Viele (top 18%), Kezele (49%). [Cybel, Cybille]

Gael 5 .. .. Old Celtic word "gwydd", meaning "wild". Rare as girls' names, but Gael and Gaelle are similar to the more familiar Gale. [Gaelle]

Neka 6 .. Origin fr. Native American Indian language. "Wild goose." Rare. Neka, like Ambeeka, Anneka, ends with the popular feminine -eka. See also Nykia.

Nerida 7 .. .. (North Queensland) or red blossom (desert) .. Uncommon. Compare Nerida with common surnames Neris (top 28%), Nedina (100%), which also start with Ne-. See also Nelida.

Olinda 8 .. Root fr. Greek. "Wild fig." Olinda is common as a variant form. The Greek root Olinthos was an .. [Olynda]

Sage 9 .. .. sagebrush, cowboys, and the Wild West. Prevalent. Sage, Saige, Sayge, like Virge, Inge, end with the common androgynous-sounding -ge. [Saige, Sayge]

Sahara 10 .. Root fr. Arabic language. "Desert." Scarce as baby names, but Sahra, Sahara, etc. sound like the more familiar Sari. An inhospitable desert in North Africa. [Saharah, Saharra, .. 2 more]

Scirocco 11 .. .. over Italy from the Libyan deserts. Not Top 1000 names. [Cirocco, Sirocco]

Yuma 12 Desert and city in Southwestern Arizona. Not in Top 1000. See also Yona.

Zenobia 13 .. .. of Palmyra in the Arabian desert .. Less popular today. Zena was the version last appearing (1910-1919) in the Top 1000. [Cenobia, Cenobie, Zeba, Zena, Zenda, Zenobie, .. 7 more]

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[Anne - Zenobia]
Anne [96], Briar [6], Brier [1], Cybele [2], Gael [1], Neka, Nerida, Olinda [1], Sage [2], Sahara [4], Scirocco [2], Yuma, Zenobia [12]