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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Wind baby names and what they mean, with 17 results. Usage of these girl names was at its apex 3 decades ago (ADOPTION OF 3.38%) and has become significantly reduced since (ADOPTION 1.08%, 68.1% LESS), with names like Tara becoming somewhat dated. Scarlett (#18) and Melanie (#82) are two of the more trendy names for newborns in this list, while Yura (TOP 59%) and Ory (22%) are common last names.

Wind names

Ashley - Zephyr


.. Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With the Wind" .. Ashleyn is also a marginally prominent kid's name. [Lee, Ashlye, Ashlie, Ashlen, Ashlay, Ashely, Asheley, Ashalei, .. 14 more]


Based on Latin element. "Wind." Popular as last names, and Aura (UPPER 73%) is similar to common -ura surnames Sura (UPPER 17%), Jura (33%). Greek mythology .. [Oria, Auria, Aurea, .. 3 more]

.. "Gone with the Wind" for Carreen .. Not that prominent as a girls' name. [Karine, .. 1 more]


.. "Gone With the Wind" and its .. Melly and variants soared in popularity 5 decades ago and are almost as popular now, but with Mellie becoming less fashionable. [Milena, Melony, Melonnie, Melloney, Mellanie, Melaina, Malanie, .. 23 more]

A small simple wind instrument. Ocarima and Ocarion are creative variations.


.. of Aura, meaning "gold" or "wind". Ora occurs frequently (TOP 59%) as a last name. [Orra, .. 4 more]


.. variant of Auralee (English) "wind meadow". A slightly offbeat children's name nowadays, though Oralee is still found frequently as a first name for women. [Orli, .. 3 more]

Derivative of Arabic word. "Gentle wind." Unusual, with the -ah ending, like Rebecah, Raenah. See also Rubia.


.. the novel "Gone With the Wind" .. Scarlett and variants became more trendy in 2016, gaining on average +21 rankings as children's names with Scarlette leading the upswing. [Scarlette, .. 2 more]

Derivative of Italian, Arabic elements. "Warm wind." Scirocco, Cirocco and Sirocco are seldom used as birth names. .. description of the wind that blew .. [Sirocco, Cirocco]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Wind names: Ashley, Aura, Melanie, Ora, Oralee

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Wind names: Scarlett, Suellen, Tara

Derived fr. Spanish, Greek words. "Gentle wind." Outside Top 2000. Spanish form of Zephyr. [Zephirina, Zefarina, Sefirina, .. 2 more]

Stems fr. Spanish, Latin elements. "Eastern wind." Compare last names Solan (UPPER 18%), Soland (27%). Also a combination of Anna and .. [Soulle, Souline, Solina, Solenne, .. 1 more]


.. the novel "Gone With the Wind". A somewhat quaint birth name these days, but Suellen is still recorded frequently as a first name for women. [Suelyn]


.. 1936 novel "Gone With the Wind" .. Usage of Tara and variants as birth names in 2016 was down 62.3% compared to 10 years ago. [Tarrah, Tarra, Taralynn, Taralyn, .. 1 more]

.. Margaret Mitchell's "Gone with the Wind" .. Not Top 2000 names. [Tarlton]

Variant of Zephyr (Greek) "west wind". Unusual. Tzefira, Zefira, like Temira, Tzifira, end with -ira. [Zefira]

Derivative of Greek word. "West wind." Zefeera and variants are not in the Top 2000. [Zephyrine, Zephira, Zefeera, Sefira, Cefirina, .. 10 more]

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Summary Index of Wind names [and variants] for girls.

1. Ashley - Zephyr
Ashley [Lee, Ashly, Ashli, Ashlye, Ashlie, Ashlen, Ashlei, Ashleigh, ..], Aura [Ora, Oria, Aure, Auria, Aurea, Auriana], Careen [Karine, Carreen], Melanie [Melly, Milena, Melony, Meloni, Melonie, Mellony, Melloney, Melonnie, ..], Ocarina, Ora [Orra, Orabel, Orabelle, Orareeana, Orarariana], Oralee [Orli, Orlee, Orali, Oralit], Rabiah, Scarlett [Scarlet, Scarlette, Scarletta], Scirocco [Sirocco, Cirocco], Sefarina [Zefarina, Sefirina, Zephirina, Zepharina, Sepharina], Solana [Soulle, Soline, Solina, Souline, Solenne], Suellen [Suelyn], Tara [Tarra, Tarah, Tarrah, Taralyn, Taralynn], Tarleton [Tarlton], Tzefira [Zefira], Zephyr [Zefir, Zephyra, Zephira, Zefiryn, Zefeera, Tzifira, Zephyrine, Zephirine, ..]

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