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Wine names and what they mean, for wine for women. Here is the list of Wine names for boys. Adoption of these girl names was at its apex during the years 1970-1979 (usage of 0.1862%) and is now much lower, with names like Sherry, Margo, Calista and Brandy becoming less fashionable.

Brandy - Sherry

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Brandy 1 .. .. of the distilled wine, which comes .. Brandy (top 6%), Brandi (7%), Brandie (23%), Brandee (42%) and Branda (66%) are familiar as female names. [Brand, Brande, Brandei, Brandeli, Brandi, Brandily, Brandis, Brandise, Branell, Brannde, .. 25 more]

Calista 2 .. .. cup containing the wine of the .. Calista, Calissa, etc. became more trendy in 2014, gaining on average +9 rankings as baby names with Kallie gaining the most. [Cala, Cali, Calisto, Callysta, Kala, Kalesta, Kallysta, .. 18 more]

Chardonnay 3 .. popular variety of wine from which .. Not Top 1000 names. [Chardonay]

Clarette 4 .. .. influienced by the wine "Claret" from .. Not Top 1000 name. See also Claretha.

Deiondra 5 .. is the Greek god of wine .. Dionna is commonplace (upper 66%) as a women's name, while Deiondra, Deionna and Diondra are intermittently used. [Deionna, Diondra, Dionna]

Loire 6 .. chateaux and producing pleasant white wine. Unconventional. Compare Loire and popular last names Comire (top 68%), Swire (29%), which also end with -ire. [Loir, .. 1 more]

Madeira 7 .. known for the wine made there. Not in Top 1000. [Madera, .. 1 more]

Margo 8 .. .. a famous Bordeaux wine, Chateau Margaux .. Somewhat popular as baby names, Margo, Margaux, etc. are pronounced like the popular Marg. [Margaux, Margot, .. 1 more]

Marsala 9 .. type of sweet wine is made. Rare as girls' names, but Marsala and Marsalla are comparable to the more common Marcela. [Marsalla]

Moselle 10 .. .. a type of sweet white wine. Moiselle and variants are not Top 1000 names. [Mosella, Mosette, Moiselle, .. 1 more]

Sherry 11 .. .. to the sweet wine, after the .. Sherry (cf. Gerry, Verry) is a common -erry suffix surname. [Cheray, Sharee, Sharie, Sharrie, Sheraie, Sheray, Sheraya, Sherey, Sheri, Sherree, .. 17 more]

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[Brandy - Sherry]
Brandy [35], Calista [25], Chardonnay [1], Clarette, Deiondra [3], Loire [2], Madeira [2], Margo [3], Marsala [1], Moselle [4], Sherry [27]