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Winning Names

2 Winning names and what they mean, for winning for baby girls, listing 1-2.

Alana .. Award-winning pop vocalist Alanis Morissette ..
[Alaina, Alaine, Alanah, Alane, Alani, .. 28 more]

Gigi .. Literary: the name of a young girl in a French novel by Colette, later made into an award-winning stage play and movie musical, with glamorous and "gamine" charm given the name by Leslie Caron's performance.
[Geegee, GG]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Winning names: Alana, Gigi

Alana and Gigi are commonly used names. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: admirable, agreeable, attractive, charming, conquest, delightful, exotic, glamorous, lovable, lovely, pleasing, powerful, seductive, strong, successful, sweet, victorious, victory.

Randi .. Feminine of Randy, or short form of Miranda (Latin) "admirable" ..
[Randa, Randee, Randelle, Randene, Randi, .. 1 more]

Winsome .. (Old English) "Agreeable."

Alcina .. Literary: Italian poet Ludovico Ariosto used the name Alcina for a mistress of alluring enchantments and sensual pleasures in the 16th century Orlando poems.
[Alcee, Alcine, Alcinia, Allcine, Allcinia, .. 5 more]

Angelica .. (Latin) "Angelic." ..
[Angelika, Angeliki, Angelique, Angyalka, Anjelica, .. 2 more]

Marianne .. Annemarie is another name that blends the names of the Virgin Mary and her mother, thus appealing to Catholic families ..
[Mariana, Marianda, Mariane, Mariann, Marianna, .. 5 more]

Babe .. Also short for "baby", and a term for an attractive woman ..

Circe .. The name is associated with a "bewitching" woman.

Rana .. (Arabic) "Beautiful, eye-catching."

Nazneen .. (Farsi) "Charming." ..

Aubrey .. Originally a man's name, from Norman French, that arrived in England with the Norman Conquest ..
[Aubary, Aubery, Aubre, Aubree, Aubreigh, .. 7 more]

Soubrette .. It describes a comic female character who is young and girlish, constantly coquettish and gossipy, and usually a chambermaid.

Hedy .. (Greek, Hebrew) "Delightful, sweet." ..
[Heda, Hedia, Hediah, Hedyla]

Desiree .. Parents often use this name as suggesting that the child will grow up to be a desirable woman ..
[Desarae, Desaree, Deseray, Desideria, Desir, .. 10 more]

Alysia .. (Greek) "Entrancing." ..

Leila .. Used by authors for the names of exotic female characters in the early 19th century ..
[Laila, Layla, Leela, Leelah, Leilah, .. 7 more]

Sheherezade .. So fascinating were Sheherazade's stories, however, that the king let her live so that he could keep hearing them ..
[Scheherezade, Shahrazad, Sharazad, Sharizad]

Chelsea .. 20th-century coinage and place name, in reference to the glamorous district in London and several places in America, the earliest of which, in Maryland, was named in 1739 ..
[Celsea, Chel, Chelci, Chelcie, Chelcy, .. 26 more]

Amabel .. (Latin) "Lovable, amiable." ..
[Ama, Amabelle, Belle, Mab, Mabel]


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