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Wisdom names and what they mean, for wisdom, wise, learned, oracle, knowledge for females. Here is the list of Wise names for boys. Usage of these girl names reached its highest in 2004 and it is almost as widespread today, but with names like Kaya, Sonia, Raina, Bianca and Michaela becoming somewhat dated. The most trendy baby names in this list are Athena (#195), Aurora (#116), Sofia (#12), Sage (#388) and Mackenzie (#69), with Aurora and Sofia having a resurgence in popularity.

Adhita - Athena

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Adhita 1 .. Derived fr. Sanskrit word. "Learned person." Usage is irregular as a birth name for females. ..

Alethea 2 .. A learned coinage, not found before the 16th century .. Uncommon as a birth name for females now, but Alethea is still recorded frequently as a first name among the female populace in the US Census. The variation Aletha is common as a form of this name. [Alathea, Aleethia, Aletha, Aletta, Alithia, .. 9 more]

Alma 3 .. Derived fr. Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic words. "Learned." The name Alma has decreased in popularity as a birth name for females over the years. See also Alva. .. [Almah, .. 1 more]

Artemis 4 .. The other two virgin goddesses were Hestia, goddess of the hearth, and Athena, goddess of wisdom .. Also suitable as a boys' name. Artemis is scarcely used as a women's name. [Artemesia, .. 1 more]

Athena 5 .. Derived fr. Greek. "Wise." The name Athena has gained increasing favor as a birth name for females. See also Adena. Mythology: the virgin goddess of wisdom and war, identified with the Roman goddess Minerva .. [Atheena, Athie, .. 4 more]

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Summary of all Wisdom names (and their variants) for girls.

[Adhita - Athena]
Adhita, Alethea [Elethea, Elithia, ..], Alma [Almah, Allma], Artemis [Artemesia, Artemisia], Athena [Attie, Athina, ..]

[Aurora - Egeria]
Aurora [Zora, Zorica, ..], Bena, Bianca [Byanca, Blanche, ..], Bina [Buna, Binah], Chazona [Hazona, Hazonach], Christiana [Tiana, Tiahna, ..], Dara [Darya, Darrah, ..], Delfina [Delphia, Delphine], Delphine [Delphinea, Delphinia, ..], Egeria [Ejeria, Igeria]

[Emer - Orela]
Emer [Eimer, Eimhir], Hildegarde [Hille, Hildegunn, ..], Hope, Kaya [Kaia], Laveda [Lavetta, Lavette, ..], Mackenzie [Makenzie, Mckenzie, ..], Michaela [Mykala, Mykela, ..], Michiko [Michi, Michee], Minerva, Orela [Orella, Orilla]

[Pallas - Sophronia]
Pallas [Palles, Palladia], Raina [Reyna, Reyney, ..], Sage [Saige, Sayge], Sevilla, Sheba [Sheeba, Shieba, ..], Sibyl [Sybilla, Sybille, ..], Sofia [Sofie, Sofiah], Sonia [Sonya, Sonnja, ..], Sophia [Zofya, Zosia, ..], Sophronia [Sofronja, Sophrona, ..]

[Sybil - Zsofia]
Sybil [Sybilla, Sybille, ..], Ulima [Uleema, Ullima], Veda [Veta, Vida, ..], Vida [Vita, Vitia, ..], Wisdom, Zsofia