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Wisdom names and what they mean, for wisdom, wise, learned, oracle, knowledge for females. Here is the list of Wise names for boys. These girl names reached the apex of their popularity in the year 2004 (usage of 0.2057%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.18%, down 12.5%), but with names like Kaya, Sonia, Raina, Sophronia and Sybil becoming somewhat dated. The most fashionable girl names in this compilation are Athena (#195), Aurora (#116), Sofia (#12), Sage (#388) and Mackenzie (#69), with Aurora and Sofia having a rebound in popularity.

Adhita - Bina

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Adhita 1 .. Derived fr. Sanskrit element. "Learned person." Unique. Adhita is not listed in the US Demographics. Hindi name.

Alethea 2 .. A learned coinage, not found before .. Common. Compare Alethea, Elethea, etc. and popular surnames Arrechea (upper 91%), Beathea (67%), which also end with -ea. [Alathea, Aletea, Alethia, Alithia, .. 10 more]

Alma 3 .. Origin fr. Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic words. "learned." Usage of Alma, Allma, etc. as birth names in 2014 was up 7.7% compared to the previous year. Modern name .. [Almah, Allma]

Anahita 4 .. .. associated with fertility, healing and wisdom .. Anahita was not among 2014's Top names.

Artemis 5 .. .. hearth, and Athena, goddess of wisdom .. Not that common as a girls' name. [Artemesia, .. 1 more]

Athena 6 .. Derivative of Greek language. "Wise." Popular. Athena, Atheena (cf. Abilena, Darleena) end with the common feminine -ena. .. virgin goddess of wisdom and war .. [Atheena, .. 5 more]

Aurora 7 .. .. today as a learned equivalent of .. Aurora, Zorica, etc. became more popular in 2014, rising on average +12 rankings as birth names with Rory leading the upswing. [Aurea, Rory, .. 5 more]

Bena 8 .. Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Wise." Not that common as a birth name, Bena exists more frequently as a surname. Feminine of Ben.

Bianca 9 .. .. the Goddess of knowledge, beauty, eloquence .. Bianca was a Top birth name in 2014. [Beonca, Beyonca, Blanche, Byanca, .. 6 more]

Bina 10 .. Root fr. Hebrew. "Knowledge, insight." Bina, like the similar Muna, occurs more usually as a surname. Also short form of Albina, Sabina .. [Binah, .. 1 more]

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Summary of Wisdom names (and variants) for girls.

Adhita - Bina
Adhita, Alethea [Alette, Aletta, Alithea, Alithia, Elethea, Elithia, ..], Alma [Almah, Allma], Anahita, Artemis [Artemesia, Artemisia], Athena [Attie, Athie, Athina, Athene, Atheena, Athenais], Aurora [Ora, Rora, Rory, Zora, Aurore, Zorica], Bena, Bianca [Blanca, Byanca, Bianka, Bionca, Blancha, Blanche, ..], Bina [Buna, Binah]

Chazona - Sevilla
Chazona [Hazona, Chazonah, Hazonach], Christiana [Tiana, Tiahna, Krystiana, Krystyiana, Krystianne, Kristiannhe, ..], Dara [Darra, Darya, Darrah, Darice, Darragh, Darissa, ..], Delfina [Delphi, Delphia, Delphine], Delphine [Delpha, Delfyne, Delfine, Delphina, Delphinea, Delphinia, ..], Egeria [Igeria, Ejeria, Aegeria], Emer [Eimer, Eimear, Eimhir], Hildegarde [Hilde, Hille, Hildegunn, Hildegard, Hildagarde, Hildegaard, ..], Hope, Kaya [Kaia], Laveda [Laveta, Lavella, Lavelle, Lavette, Lavetta], Mackenzie [Makensie, Makenzie, Mckenzie, Mackenzey], Michaela [Mykela, Mykala, Mishaila, Mychaela, Miskaela, Mischaela, ..], Michiko [Michi, Michee], Minerva, Orela [Orelda, Orella, Orilla], Pallas [Palles, Paladia, Palladia], Raina [Reyna, Reina, Reyney, Rayney, Raynetta, Raynelle, ..], Sage [Saige, Sayge], Sevilla

Sheba - Zsofia
Sheba [Saba, Sabah, Scheba, Shebah, Sheeba, Shieba], Sibyl [Sybil, Sybill, Sybella, Sybelle, Sybilla, Sybille, ..], Sofia [Sofie, Sofiah], Sonia [Sonni, Sonya, Sonja, Sonje, Sonnie, Sonnja, ..], Sophia [Zofi, Sophy, Zofya, Zofia, Zosia, Sophie, ..], Sophronia [Saphron, Soffrona, Sofronia, Sophrona, Sofronja, Saphronia], Sybil [Sybel, Sybill, Sybilla, Sybella, Sybelle, Sybille, ..], Ulima [Uleema, Ullima], Veda [Vida, Veta, Vedis, Veida, Veeda], Vida [Veda, Vita, Veeda, Vieda, Vitia, Vidette], Wisdom, Zsofia