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Wisdom Names

17 Wisdom names related to or that mean wisdom for girls, listing Wisdom baby names 1-17. Athena, Dara, Hope, Michiko, Minerva, Sheba, Sofia, Sonia, Sophia, Veda and Vida are popular names. Artemis, Emer, Laveda, Pallas, Wisdom and Zsofia are uncommon names. View Wisdom baby names below for name meanings or search Wisdom names for boys.

Artemis ... goddess of wisdom ...
[Artemesia, Artemisia]

Athena ... Mythology: the virgin goddess of wisdom and war ...
[Atheena, Athenais, Athene, Athie, Athina, ... 1 more]

Dara ... "Nugget of wisdom." Biblical: the name of a descendant of Judah noted for his wisdom. Also ...
[Darah, Darda, Dareen, Daria, Darian, ... 6 more]

Emer ... a gentle voice, sweet words, needlework, wisdom, and chastity ...
[Eimear, Eimer, Eimhir]

Hope ... whose name means "wisdom" ...

Laveda ... Also variant of Veda (Sanskrit) "wisdom".
[Lavella, Lavelle, Laveta, Lavetta, Lavette]

Michiko ... "Passing child; child of beautiful wisdom; child of beautiful knowledge." ...
[Michee, Michi]

Minerva ... Mythology: name of the Roman goddess of wisdom ...

Pallas ... "Wisdom." ... the Greek goddess of wisdom.
[Paladia, Palladia, Palles]

Sheba ... Biblical: the queen of Sheba journeyed to Jerusalem to see for herself whether accounts about Solomon's great wisdom and wealth were true.
[Saba, Sabah, Scheba, Shebah, Sheeba, ... 1 more]

Sofia ... "Wisdom." ...
[Sofiah, Sofie]

Sonia ... Variant of Sophia (Greek) "wisdom" ...
[Sohnia, Sohnnja, Sondja, Sondya, Sonja, ... 5 more]

Sophia ... "Wisdom." ...
[Saffi, Sofia, Sofie, Soficita, Sofka, ... 13 more]

Veda ... "Knowledge, wisdom." ...
[Vedis, Veeda, Veida, Veta, Vida]

Vida ... Veda may be used in reference to the Hindu Veda (Sanskrit) "wisdom, knowledge".
[Veda, Veeda, Vidette, Vieda, Vita, ... 1 more]

Wisdom ...

Zsofia ... Variant of Sofia (Greek) "wisdom".

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Wisdom names: Athena, Dara, Emer, Hope, Minerva, Sofia, Sonia, Sophia, Veda, Vida

Related words: sophia, ana, conception, intelligence, oracle, prudence, verse. Partial list of 3 results related to wisdom below. Click on above related words for more results.

Posy ... Penelope or Sophia.

Iphigenia ... Her father sacrificed her to gain advantage in the Trojan war ...
[Efigenia, Ephigenia, Ephigenie, Ifigenia, Iphigeneia, ... 2 more]

Ana ... Ana is often used in blended names like Analee and Anarosa.
[Analee, Analeigh, Analena, Anamaria, Anamarie, ... 3 more]


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