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Wolf Names

7 Wolf names and what they mean, for wolf for baby girls, listing 1-7. Here is the list of Wolf names for boys.

Accalia .. Legend has it that after their abandonment as infants, they were initially suckled by a she-wolf ..

Adolpha .. "Noble wolf." ..
[Adolfa, Adollfa]

Guadalupe .. "Wolf valley." ..

Ralphina Feminine of Ralph (Old English) "wolf counsel".

Raoule Feminine of Raoul (French), from Ralph (Old English) "wolf counsel".
[Raoula, Raula]

Ulrica .. "Power of the wolf." ..
[Rieka, Rica, Ricka, Uhlrike, Ulka, .. 6 more]

Ulva .. "Wolf."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Wolf names: Guadalupe

Guadalupe is a commonly used name, while Accalia, Adolpha, Ralphina, Raoule, Ulrica and Ulva are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: dragon, fox, monster, raven, tiger, witch.

Levina .. "Lightning bolt."

Lilith .. Because she refused to obey him, she was turned into a demon and Eve was created to take her place.

Faustine .. The Faust of legend sold his soul to the Devil ..
[Fausta, Fauste, Faustina]

Eris .. Mythology: goddess of discord and destruction, and sister of Ares the god of war.
[Aeress, Eriss, Erys, Eryss]

Belinda .. Probably from Italian "bella" (see Bella) with the suffix -inda, or with the Germanic "lind" meaning "serpent, dragon" or "linde" meaning "soft, tender" ..
[Bel, Belenda, Belindra, Belle, Bellinda, .. 7 more]

Celeste .. Casting agent Celestia Fox.
[Cela, Celes, Celesia, Celesley, Celesse, .. 41 more]

Marian .. Robin Hood's love Maid Marian ..
[Mariam, Mariana, Mariane, Marion, Maryann, .. 1 more]

Andromeda .. Greek mythology: an Ethiopian princess, the daughter of Cassiopeia, was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster until Perseus rescued her ..

Branwen .. Possibly "white, blessed raven" or a variant of Bronwen ..

Cornelia .. It was borne in the second century BC by the devoted mother of revolutionary reformers Tiberius and Gaius ..
[Cor, Cornalia, Corneelija, Cornela, Cornelija, .. 21 more]

Tigris .. From Latin "tiger" ..

Glenda .. Literary: Glinda was the name of the good witch in Frank Baum's "The Wizard of Oz" ..
[Glennda, Glinda, Glynda]


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