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Yellow Names

(See: Gold Names)

13 Yellow names and what they mean, for yellow for baby girls, listing 1-13. Here is the list of Gold names for boys.

Alyssa .. Also the name of a bright yellow flower, alyssum ..
[Alissa, Alisse, Allissa, Allyse, Allyssa, .. 9 more]

Aven .. Name of a plant with white, yellow or reddish flowers.

Begonia Flower name: the colorful house plant with fleshy leaves and white, yellow, pink or red blossoms ..

Blaine .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Yellow." ..
[Blane, Blayne]

Celandine .. Botanical name: a yellow-blossomed wildflower.
[Celadonia, Celida, Cellandine, Selodonia, Zeledonia]

Chloris .. (Greek) "Green, greenish-yellow." ..
[Chloress, Cloris, Khloris, Kloris]

Daffodil .. Flower name for the familiar yellow blossom ..

Flavia .. (Latin) "Yellow hair." ..
[Flavie, Flaviere, Flavyere]

Forsythia Flower name: the brilliant yellow shrub that is one of the first signs of spring in a chilly climate ..

Nurit .. (Hebrew) "A plant with yellow or red flowers."

Saffron Flower name: saffron is used as a spice as well as a bright orange-yellow color dye ..
[Saffran, Saffren, Saffronia, Saphron]

Taja .. Taji (TAH-jee) is a Japanese surname with the meaning "silver and yellow color".
[Taija, Taisha, Tajah, Tajanae, Tajanee, .. 3 more]

Xanthe .. (Greek) "Yellow, blonde."
[Xantha, Xanthia, Zantha]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Yellow names: Alyssa

Alyssa and Flavia are commonly used names, while Aven, Begonia, Blaine, Celandine, Chloris, Daffodil, Forsythia, Nurit, Saffron, Taja and Xanthe are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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