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Yellow Names

13 Yellow names related to or that mean yellow for girls, listing Yellow baby names 1-13. Alyssa and Flavia are popular names. Aven, Begonia, Blaine, Celandine, Chloris, Daffodil, Forsythia, Nurit, Saffron, Taja and Xanthe are uncommon names. View Yellow baby names below for name meanings or search Yellow names for boys.

Alyssa ... Also the name of a bright yellow flower, alyssum ...
[Alissa, Alisse, Allissa, Allyse, Allyssa, ... 9 more]

Aven ... yellow or reddish flowers.

Begonia Flower name: the colorful house plant with fleshy leaves and white, yellow ...

Blaine ... "Yellow." ...
[Blane, Blayne]

Celandine ... From "chelidon". Botanical name: a yellow-blossomed wildflower.
[Celadonia, Celida, Cellandine, Selodonia, Zeledonia]

Chloris ... "Green, greenish-yellow." ...
[Chloress, Cloris, Khloris, Kloris]

Daffodil ... Flower name for the familiar yellow blossom ...

Flavia ... "Yellow hair." ...
[Flavie, Flaviere, Flavyere]

Forsythia Flower name: the brilliant yellow shrub that is one of the first signs of spring in a chilly climate ...

Nurit ... "A plant with yellow or red flowers."

Saffron Flower name: saffron is used as a spice as well as a bright orange-yellow color dye ...
[Saffran, Saffren, Saffronia, Saphron]

Taja ... Taji (TAH-jee) is a Japanese surname with the meaning "silver and yellow color".
[Taija, Taisha, Tajah, Tajanae, Tajanee, ... 3 more]

Xanthe ... "Yellow, blonde."
[Xantha, Xanthia, Zantha]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Yellow names: Alyssa

Related words: amber, blue, dolly, gilded, gold, golden, green, honey, horse, jealous, lotus, peach, rainbow, red, sandy, sissy, soft, white. Partial list of 7 results related to yellow below. Click on above related words for more results.

Amber ... Amber is the English name for a semiprecious gem made from fossilized tree resin ... Amber became popular in the 1960s due to the Kathleen Winsor novel and film, "Forever Amber" ... Model Amber Valletta.
[Ambar, Ambereen, Amberetta, Ambre, Ambur]

Barbara ... Barb is the short form ...
[Bab, Baba, Babara, Babb, ... , Barb, ... 48 more]

Beige ...

Azure ... "Sky blue." ... Suitable for a blue-eyed baby.
[Azor, Azora, Azura, Azuree, Azurine, ... 2 more]

Kanara ... "Little bird, canary."
[Kanarit, Kanarra]

Remy ... Rheims is a town in central France where champagne and fine brandies are made.
[Remi, Remie, Remmy, Rhemy]

Blythe ... Made famous by the opening lines of Shelley's poem "To a Skylark": "Hail to thee, blithe spirit!" and Noel Coward's play "Blithe Spirit" ...


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