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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Young baby names and what they mean, for young, youthful, with 54 results. These girl names reached the top of their popularity in the 1900s (ADOPTION OF 4.67%) and are now much less common (ADOPTION 1.84%, 61% LESS), with names such as Shawna becoming less trendy. The more fashionable names for newborns in this compilation are Adelaide (#273), Camilla (#374), Gemma (#269), Juliet (#240) and Sloane (#327), while Juliani (TOP 51%) and Slone (2%) are popular surnames. Here is the list of Youthful names for boys.

Young names

Adelaide - Ghazala | Gigi - Lourdes | Maida - Zoe

Adelaide - Ghazala

.. who accepted the young prince after .. Adelayde is also a moderately common kid's name. [Laidey, Elke, Eline, Delle, Della, Dell, Del, Alyosha, Alline, Aliosha, .. 48 more]

Adonis was a young man so .. Rare. Compare Adonia with popular -ia surnames Alamia (TOP 34%), Arpaia (57%). Unisex name.

Origin fr. Hebrew, Arabic. "Young deer; color of earth." Not in Top 2000. [Aphra, .. 3 more]

.. century was a young Roman virgin .. Ag, Agafi, Agafia, Agafon and Aggi are more unconventional as variant forms of Agnes. [Ynez, Ynes, Unah, Oona, Nessa, Annise, Annis, Annais, Anise, Anis, .. 65 more]

Derivative of Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic languages. "Young woman; learned." Adoption of Alma and variants as baby names in 2015 was 1.5% less than 2014. Modern name .. [Allma, Almah]

Possibly means "young deer" in Hebrew .. Aphar and Aphrie are creative forms. [Afra, Affera, .. 1 more]

A young maiden who challenged the .. Arachne, Arakne and Archna are not often used as birth names. [Archna, .. 1 more]

.. was an athletic young maiden huntress .. Atalanta, Atlanta and Atlante are not in the Top 2000. [Atlante, .. 1 more]

.. source expression also means "young grain" .. Aviva, Avivah, etc. became more popular in 2015, gaining +234 positions as birth names with Aviva leading the upswing. [Viva, Auvit, .. 4 more]

.. Bathild was a young English girl .. Not in popularity charts. [Bertilde, Bertilda, Berthilda, .. 5 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Young names: Adelaide, Agnes, Alma, Aviva, Blossom

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Young names: Camilla, Clarissa, Coralie, Elaine, Esther

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Young names: Fawn, Gemma

.. pet name for a young girl. Blossom was popular as a baby name in the 1920s.

.. back to the young girls who .. Camilla has surged in prominence as a baby name since 1990. [Milly, Mille, Kamille, Kamilka, Camylla, Cammi, Camille, Camill, Camala, .. 29 more]

.. of a beautiful young girl in .. Not in Top 2000. [Chrysilla]

.. History of a Young Lady (1748). Clairesa, Clairessa, Clairissa, Clarecia and Claresa are more unique as variations of Clarissa. [Klarrisa, Clerissa, Clarrissa, Clarissia, Claris, Clairissa, Clairessa, .. 17 more]

.. of the cunning young woman in .. Cory occurs frequently (upper 4%) as a last name. [Cory, .. 3 more]

.. Welsh word elain meaning "young deer" .. Laine (top 6%), Elan (44%), Ellie (58%) and Elle (59%) are found regularly as surnames. [Layney, Helaine, Ellayne, Elle, Elayne, Elane, Elana, Elainia, Elaini, Elaina, .. 16 more]

A young beautiful Hebrew woman who .. Usage of Esther and variants as baby names in 2015 was up 2.7% compared to the year before. [Yesfir, Hittie, Etti, Eszter, Essie, .. 14 more]

Derived fr. Old French language. "Young deer." Fawn is prevalent as a variation. Biographer Fawn Brodie. [Fawnya, Fawnia, Fanya, Faina, .. 5 more]

.. was an ordinary young woman whose .. Adoption of Gemma and variants as baby names in 2015 was a lot more than a decade ago. [Jemsa, Gemmalyn, .. 3 more]

Source fr. Arabic word. "Youth, vigor." Not in Top 2000. Also an old Arabian tribal name ..

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Summary Index of Young names [and variants] for girls.

1. Adelaide - Ghazala
Adelaide [Elke, Lady, Eline, Heidi, Laidey, Edeline, ..], Adonia, Afra [Aphra, Affra, Affera, Affery], Agnes [Una, Ynez, Unah, Ynes, Oonah, Senga, ..], Alma [Almah, Allma], Aphra [Afra, Affera, Affery], Arachne [Arakne, Archna], Atalanta [Atlanta, Atlante], Aviva [Viva, Avivi, Auvit, Avivah, Avivit, Haviva], Bathilda [Batilde, Batilda, Bertilda, Bertilde, Berthilde, Berthilda, ..], Blossom, Camilla [Milla, Mille, Milli, Milly, Millie, Millee, ..], Chryseis [Chrysilla], Clarissa [Classie, Klarisa, Clerissa, Klarissa, Clorissa, Klarrisa, ..], Coralie [Cory, Coralee, Coraline, Coralina], Elaine [Laine, Lainey, Layney, Ellane, Helaine, Ellayne, ..], Esther [Etty, Hetty, Hester, Yesfir, Hittie, Hesther, ..], Fawn [Fauna, Fawna, Fawne, Fawnia, Faunia, Fawnya, ..], Gemma [Gem, Jemsa, Jemma, Gemmalyn, Gemmalynn], Ghazala

Gigi [GG, Geegee], Gilette, Gillian [Gilly, Jillian, Jillyan, Jyllian, Jillianne, Gillyanne, ..], Giulia [Juliet, Jullia, Juliane, Julliana, Juliette, Julietta, ..], Giuliana [Giulia], Hebe, Hyacinth [Sinty, Jacky, Jackie, Jacynth, Jacintha, Jacinthe, ..], Jessica [Jezyca, Jyssika, Tessica, Yessica, Tjessica, Lajessica, ..], Jill [Jyl, Jyll, Jilly, Jillie, Jillyan, Jillianne, ..], Jillian [Jillyan, Jyllina, Jillianna, Jillianne, Jillyanna, Jillyanne, ..], Julia [Yulia, Julyet, Julyne, Yuliya, Julyetta, Julyette, ..], Juliana [Juliann, Julianna, Julianne, Julieann, Julieanna, Julieanne, ..], Julie [July, Jully, Juley, Jullie, Jullee, Julienne, ..], Juliet [Julyet, Julieta, Julette, Juliett, Juliette, Julietta, ..], Kamilla [Milla, Kamyla, Millie, Kamilka, Kemilla, Kamille, ..], Kefira [Kefeera, Kefeira, Kefirah, Kefirra], Lalita, Lolita, Loretta [Loreta, Leretta, Lorette, Laurette, Lorretta, Lowretta, ..], Lourdes [Lurdes, Lourdetta, Lourdette, Lourdecita]

Maida [Magda, Mayda, Maidel, Maidie, Maydey, Maydena, ..], Narcissa [Narcisa, Narcisse, Narcyssa, Narkissa, Narsissa], Neola, Ophrah [Ofra, Orpa, Ofrit, Oprah, Orpah, Ophra, ..], Paige [Page, Payge, Paget, Pagett, Padget, Padgett], Perdita, Portia, Ruth [Ruthi, Ruthie, Ruthine, Ruthina, Ruthetta, Ruthellen, ..], Shawna [Siana, Sianna, Shonna, Shawnte, Shawntay, Shawntel, ..], Sloane [Sloan], Soubrette, Trista [Trysta, Tristin, Trystan, Tristyn, Trystin, Tristina, ..], Yuliya [Yula, Yulka, Youliya, Yulenka, Yulinka], Zoe [Zoi, Zoie, Zoey, Zoya, Zooey, Zowie, ..]

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