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Young names and what they mean, for young, youthful.

Usage of these girl names is at its most widespread today (usage of 0.2459%), except for names such as Clarissa, Julie, Lourdes, Portia and Shawna which have become somewhat dated. The more fashionable names for newborns in this compilation are Adelaide (#316), Camilla (#364), Gemma (#272), Giuliana (#373) and Sloane (#370), with Adelaide and Camilla having a rebound in popularity. Slone (top 2%) and Juliani (51%) are popular surnames.

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Adelaide - Gigi

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Young names: Adelaide, Agnes, Alma, Blossom, Camilla

Adelaide 1 .. .. who accepted the young prince after .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Ada, Adalaide, Adalena, Adalin, Adaline, Adalynn, Addala, Adde, Adelaida, Adele, .. 48 more]

Adonia 2 .. Adonis was a young man so .. Adoani, Adoniaau and Auadonia are kreatif forms.

Afra 3 .. Source fr. Hebrew, Arabic. "Young deer; color of earth." Not in Top 1000. The first female professional writer in England was named Aphra Behn late 17 .. [Affera, Aphra, .. 2 more]

Agnes 4 .. .. century was a young Roman virgin .. Uncommon. Agnes, Ines, Ynes, like Annes, has the androgynous -es ending. [Ag, Agafia, Agafon, Aggye, Agi, Agna, Agnah, Agneis, Agnelle, Agnese, .. 65 more]

Alma 5 .. Origin fr. Latin, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic languages. "young woman; learned." Common, with the feminine-sounding -ma ending for Alma, Allma like Anima. Modern name .. [Almah, Allma]

Aphra 6 Possibly means "young deer" in Hebrew .. Unique. Aphra, Affera, Afra, like Alura, ends with the favored feminine -ra. [Affera, Affery, Afra]

Arachne 7 .. A young maiden who challenged the .. Not Top 1000 names. [Arakne, .. 1 more]

Atalanta 8 .. .. was an athletic young maiden huntress .. Unusual, with the -nta ending for Atalanta, Atlanta like Assunta. [Atlanta, .. 1 more]

Aviva 9 .. .. source expression also means "young grain" .. Not in Top 1000. [Auvit, Haviva, .. 4 more]

Bathilda 10 .. .. Bathild was a young English girl .. Not in Top 1000. [Bathild, Berthilda, Bertilda, Bertilde, .. 4 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Young names: Clarissa, Elaine, Esther, Gemma, Gigi

Blossom 11 .. .. pet name for a young girl. Not Top 1000 name.

Camilla 12 .. .. back to the young girls who .. Prevalent. Camilla, var. (cf. Chrysilla) ends with -lla. [Cam, Cama, Camala, Camella, Camia, Camelia, Camillia, Cammille, Cammy, Kamilka, .. 28 more]

Chryseis 13 .. .. of a beautiful young girl in .. Unusual. Chryseis, like Carilis, ends with -is. [Chrysilla]

Clarissa 14 .. .. History of a Young Lady (1748). Listed in Top 1000. [Clairesa, Clairissa, Clare, Claresa, Claressa, Clarrie, Clarry, Clerissa, Classie, Clorissa, .. 14 more]

Coralie 15 .. .. of the cunning young woman in .. Uncommon, with the common -lie ending for Coralie like Chelie. [Coralee, Coralina, .. 2 more]

Elaine 16 .. .. Welsh word elain meaning "young deer" .. Prevalent, with the -ne ending for Elaine, Ellayne, etc. like Evelynne. [Alaina, Elainia, Elainna, Elana, Elayne, Elliana, Ellie, Ellane, Helaine, Layney, .. 16 more]

Esther 17 .. A young beautiful Hebrew woman who .. Listed in Top 1000. [Eppie, Eistir, Esta, Ester, Ettey, Etty, Hester, Hittie, .. 11 more]

Fawn 18 .. Based on Old French. "Young deer." Not in popularity charts. Biographer Fawn Brodie. [Faina, Faunia, Fawnya, .. 6 more]

Gemma 19 .. .. was an ordinary young woman whose .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Gem, Gemmalyn, Jemsa, .. 2 more]

Gigi 20 .. .. name of a young girl in .. Outside Top 1000. [Geegee, .. 1 more]

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Summary of Young names (and variants) for girls.

Adelaide - Gigi
Adelaide [Elke, Lady, Eline, Heidi, Laidey, Edeline, ..], Adonia, Afra [Aphra, Affra, Affera, Affery], Agnes [Una, Ynez, Unah, Ynes, Oonah, Senga, ..], Alma [Almah, Allma], Aphra [Afra, Affera, Affery], Arachne [Arakne, Archna], Atalanta [Atlanta, Atlante], Aviva [Viva, Avivi, Auvit, Avivah, Avivit, Haviva], Bathilda [Batilde, Batilda, Bertilda, Bertilde, Berthilde, Berthilda, ..], Blossom, Camilla [Milla, Mille, Milli, Milly, Millie, Millee, ..], Chryseis [Chrysilla], Clarissa [Classie, Klarisa, Clerissa, Klarissa, Clorissa, Klarrisa, ..], Coralie [Cory, Coralee, Coraline, Coralina], Elaine [Laine, Lainey, Layney, Ellane, Helaine, Ellayne, ..], Esther [Etty, Hetty, Hester, Yesfir, Hittie, Hesther, ..], Fawn [Fauna, Fawna, Fawne, Fawnia, Faunia, Fawnya, ..], Gemma [Gem, Jemsa, Jemma, Gemmalyn, Gemmalynn], Gigi [GG, Geegee]

Gillian - Paige
Gillian [Gillie, Jillian, Jillyan, Jyllian, Jillianne, Gillyanne, ..], Giulia [Juliet, Jullia, Juliane, Julliana, Juliette, Julietta, ..], Giuliana [Giulia], Jessica [Jezyca, Jyssika, Tessica, Yessica, Tjessica, Lajessica, ..], Jill [Jyl, Jyll, Jilly, Jillie, Jillyan, Jillianne, ..], Jillian [Jillyan, Jyllina, Jillianna, Jillianne, Jillyanna, Jillyanne, ..], Julia [Yulia, Julyet, Julyne, Yuliya, Julyetta, Julyette, ..], Juliana [Juliann, Julianna, Julianne, Julieann, Julieanna, Julieanne, ..], Julie [July, Jully, Juley, Jullie, Jullee, Julienne, ..], Juliet [Julyet, Julieta, Julette, Juliett, Juliette, Julietta, ..], Kamilla [Milla, Kamyla, Millie, Kamilka, Kemilla, Kamille, ..], Kefira [Kefeera, Kefeira, Kefirah, Kefirra], Lalita, Lolita, Loretta [Loreta, Leretta, Lorette, Laurette, Lorretta, Lowretta, ..], Lourdes [Lurdes, Lourdetta, Lourdette, Lourdecita], Maida [Magda, Mayda, Maidel, Maidie, Maydey, Maydena, ..], Neola, Ophrah [Ofra, Orpa, Ofrit, Oprah, Orpah, Ophra, ..], Paige [Page, Payge, Paget, Pagett, Padget, Padgett]

Perdita - Zoe
Perdita, Portia, Ruth [Ruthi, Ruthie, Ruthine, Ruthina, Ruthetta, Ruthellen, ..], Shawna [Siana, Sianna, Shonna, Shawnte, Shawntay, Shawntel, ..], Sloane [Sloan], Soubrette, Trista [Trysta, Tristin, Trystan, Tristyn, Trystin, Tristina, ..], Yuliya [Yula, Yulka, Youliya, Yulenka, Yulinka], Zoe [Zoi, Zoie, Zoey, Zoya, Zooey, Zowie, ..]