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Adela - Rose

.. the Conqueror's youngest daughter (11th century) .. [Edelle, Adelia, Adele, .. 7 more]

.. of Normandy in the 11th century .. [Arletta, .. 3 more]

.. Saint Casilda (11th century) is the .. [Cassilda]

.. famous story, the 11th century Lady ..

.. Conqueror's Queen Matilda (11th century) brought .. [Tilly, Tillie, Tildy, Matty, Matti, Matilde, Matelda, Maltilda, Maitilde, Mafalda, .. 13 more]

.. Britain in the 11th century, can .. [Zita, Ruzena, Ruza, Rozsika, Rozsi, Rozsa, Rozella, Rozele, Rozalyne, Rosio, .. 49 more]

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1. Adela - Rose
Adela [Adell, Adele, Adelia, Adella, Edelle, Adelle, Adelita, Adellah, ..], Arlette [Arlet, Arleta, Arleth, Arletta], Casilda [Cassilda], Godiva, Matilda [Tilde, Tilda, Tilly, Tildy, Tilli, Maudie, Tillie, Tildie, ..], Rose [Rozy, Ruza, Zita, Ruzsa, Ruzha, Ruzena, Rozsika, Ruzenka, ..]