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Angharad - Marjorie

.. the mother of 12th century chronicler ..

.. in Scotland since the 12th century .. [Annabelle, Annabella, .. 6 more]

.. In the 12th century, a monastery .. [Mina, Karmen, Karmela, Carmiya, Carmit, Carmill, Carmiela, Carmie, Carmia, Carmesha, .. 35 more]

.. Constance of Sicily (12th century), wife .. [Tina, Constanza, Constancy, Constancia, Constanca, Conny, Conney, .. 23 more]

.. protagonist is a 12th century king .. [Cymbaline]

.. Eleanor of Aquitaine (12th century) was .. [Norina, Nore, Nelli, Nelda, Leora, Leonore, Lenora, Helenora, Elyn, Elnora, .. 68 more]

.. famous in the 12th century by .. [Heloise, Eloisa, Elois, Ellie, .. 4 more]

The 12th century French philosopher Peter .. [Lois, Heloisa, Aloysia, .. 2 more]

.. was a learned 12th century abbess .. [Hille, Hildegard, Hilde, Hildagarde, Hildagard, .. 6 more]

.. England in the 12th century and .. [Marjy, Marjory, Marjie, Marjery, Marjerie, Margy, Margi, Margey, Margerey, Marchery, .. 7 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 12th names: Annabel, Carmel, Constance, Eleanor, Eloise

Top 2000 baby names ranking of 12th names: Heloise, Hildegard, Margery, Marjorie

.. England in the 12th century as .. [Marjy, Marjory, Marji, Marjerie, Marje, Margi, Margey, Marcharie, .. 11 more]

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Summary Index of 12th names [and variants] for girls.

1. Angharad - Marjorie
Angharad, Annabel [Anabel, Annabal, Annabell, Anabelle, Anabella, Annabelle, Annabella, Annabelinda], Carmel [Mina, Lita, Lina, Melita, Melina, Karmen, Karmela, Karmelit, ..], Constance [Tina, Kosta, Kostatina, Konstanze, Konstance, Konstancja, Konstantina, Konstantija, ..], Cymbeline [Cymbaline], Eleanor [Nore, Nora, Norah, Nelly, Nelli, Norina, Nonnie, Nellie, ..], Eloise [Ellie, Elois, Eloyse, Eloisa, Heloise, Elouise, Elouisa, Aloysia], Heloise [Lois, Eloise, Eloisa, Heloisa, Aloysia], Hildegard [Hille, Hildy, Hilde, Hildegunn, Hildegart, Hildegard, Hildegaard, Hildagarde, ..], Margery [Marjy, Marjie, Marjory, Marjori, Marjery, Marjorie, Marjorey, Marjerie, ..], Marjorie [Marjy, Marji, Marje, Marjie, Marjory, Marjery, Marjorey, Marjerie, ..]