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Cora - Truth

.. Civil rights activist Coretta Scott King. [Lacoria, Koryne, Korrie, Korinne, Corynna, Corrissa, Correne, Correen, Corinna, Corene, .. 48 more]

.. women's rights activist Eleanor Smeal. [Norina, Nore, Nora, Nelley, Leora, Leonore, Helenora, Heleanor, Elyn, Ellyn, .. 68 more]

Civil rights activist Sojourner Truth. [Truly, Truley, .. 1 more]

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1. Cora - Truth
Cora [Korry, Koryne, Korrie, Korina, Lacoria, Koryssa, Korynna, Korinne, ..], Eleanor [Nore, Nora, Norah, Nelly, Nelli, Norina, Nonnie, Nellie, ..], Truth [Truly, Trule, Truley]