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Alaine - Elaine

French feminine form of Alain. [Alaina, Allena, .. 14 more]

A rather modern Latinate feminine form .. [Alaina, Alanah, Aleynah, Alie, Alleen, Allina, Allinah, Allyn, Lannah, Lannie, .. 23 more]

French form of Helen .. [Alaina, Alayna, Elain, Elainna, Elanna, Elle, Elliana, Ellane, Lainey, Layney, .. 16 more]

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1. Alaine - Elaine
Alaine [Allyn, Alleen, Allena, Allene, Alline, Allaine, Allayne, Alleine, ..], Alana [Lana, Alona, Lanah, Lanna, Lanny, Alonna, Lannah, Lannie, ..], Elaine [Ellie, Laine, Ellane, Lainey, Layney, Ellaine, Helaine, Ellayne, ..]