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Alesia - Talicia

Also variant of Alicia. [Alessia]

.. Ballerina Alicia Markova; writers Alice Walker .. [Lyssa, Leese, Leece, Illyssa, Ellissa, Elli, Alyssa, Alyss, Alyse, Alysa, Alicia, .. 91 more]

"Noble, exalted." .. Actress Alicia Silverstone. [Licia, Lesia, Lecia, Elisha, Alyssa, Alysa, Allicia, Alisa, Alieshea, Alesha, .. 22 more]

Also a variant of Alicia. [Alyssah, Allysah, Allissa, Allisah, Allisa, Alissa, Alise, .. 6 more]

Also variant of Alicia. [Alyssia]

.. Also variant of Alicia. Actress Alyssa .. [Lyssa, Lissie, Lissa, Ilyssa, Alysse, Alyse, Alisse, .. 7 more]

.. a modern day elaboration of Alicia .. [Didi, Dellis, Della, Dalisse, Dalise, Dalicia, .. 17 more]

.. blend of Elise, Alicia, and related .. [Ellisha, Elesha, .. 3 more]

.. to the familiar Elise and Alicia. [Ilyse, Ilysia, Ileesia, Eleese, .. 7 more]

.. of names like Alicia and Felicia .. [Lisha]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Alicia names: Alesia, Alice, Alicia, Alisa, Alysia

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Alicia names: Alyssa, Delicia, Elisha, Elysia, Lecia

.. of names like Alicia and Felicia. [Lisia, Lesia, Leesha, .. 2 more]

.. names such as Alicia or Felicia. [Mellisha, Malitia, Malicia, .. 4 more]

Alicia with a T . Ballet celebrities .. [Talya, Talija, Tal, .. 8 more]

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1. Alesia - Talicia
Alesia [Alessia], Alice [Lyssa, Lissa, Licha, Leese, Leece, Lichah, Ilysse, Ilyssa, ..], Alicia [Licia, Lesia, Lesha, Lecia, Leisha, Elisha, Elicia, Alyssia, ..], Alisa [Alyssa, Allysa, Allisa, Alyssah, Allysah, Allissa, Allisah, Allissah, ..], Alysia [Alyssia], Alyssa [Lyssa, Lissa, Alyse, Lissie, Ilyssa, Alysse, Illissa, Alyssia, ..], Delicia [Didi, Della, Delyse, Dellis, Deliza, Delyssa, Delysia, Dellise, ..], Elisha [Elesha, Elicia, Ellisha, Eleisha, Eleasha], Elysia [Ilyse, Ilysa, Ilise, Elyse, Elise, Ilysia, Elisia, Ileesia, ..], Lecia [Lisha], Licia [Lisia, Lesia, Leesha, Leecia, Leecea], Melisha [Melitia, Melicia, Malitia, Malisha, Malicia, Mellisha, Mellicia], Talicia [Talya, Tally, Talora, Tallya, Tallie, Tallia, Talley, Talija, ..]