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Amelia - Emily

Blend of two medieval names .. [Milly, Malika, Amelya, Ameliya, Amelita, Amelina, Amalyta, Amalyne, Amalya, Amaly, Amalie, .. 36 more]

Feminine of Emil, from the Latin .. [Milly, Milka, Emmie, Emmey, Emmelyne, Emmely, Emmelee, Emmalie, Emmalee, Emlynne, Amalie, .. 64 more]

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1. Amelia - Emily
Amelia [Mali, Milly, Melia, Malia, Millie, Meline, Meelia, Malika, ..], Emily [Emmy, Milly, Milka, Emyle, Emmye, Emylee, Emmlee, Emmily, ..]