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Aimee - Esme

.. Variant of Amy. Saint Ame of .. [Amey, .. 3 more]

Blend of two medieval names .. [Milly, Meline, Melia, Meelia, Emmy, Emmeline, Amy, Amelyna, Amelita, Ameline, .. 37 more]

See Amica and Amy.

"Beloved." .. Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken; poet .. [Esme, Amice, Amecia, Ame, Amata, Aimie, .. 17 more]

Variant of Amy. Amya is also ..

Feminine of Emil, from the Latin .. [Milly, Emylee, Emyle, Emmy, Emmilie, Emmelyne, Emmelee, Emmaline, Emlynne, Emlynn, Amy, .. 64 more]

.. , which is the root of Amy .. [Isme, Esmay, Esmae, Esma, Edme, .. 1 more]

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Summary Index of Amy names [and variants] for girls.

1. Aimee - Esme
Aimee [Amey, Aime, Aimie, Aimey], Amelia [Mali, Milly, Melia, Malia, Millie, Meline, Meelia, Malika, ..], Amita, Amy [Esme, Esma, Aymi, Amye, Amya, Amil, Aymee, Ammie, ..], Amya, Emily [Emmy, Milly, Milka, Emyle, Emmye, Emylee, Emmlee, Emmily, ..], Esme [Isme, Esma, Edme, Esmee, Esmay, Esmae]