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Andie - Vondra

Nickname of Andrea. Actress/model Andie .. [Andi, .. 2 more]

"Manly, virile." .. of Andrew or Andreas, much favored .. [Onndria, Onndreea, Onndrea, Drena, Andrietta, Andrienne, Andria, Andresa, Andreena, Andree, .. 42 more]

.. plus variants of Andrea and Sandra. [Diandre, Deeandra, Deandria, .. 4 more]

.. of Ke and Andrea, or an .. [Kiandria, .. 3 more]

.. of Ken and Sandra or Andrea .. [Lakendra, Kyndria, Kinna, Kenia, Keni, Kendri, Kendrah, Kenda, Kena, Kandra, .. 10 more]

Variant of Andrea. [Ondra]

Variant of Andrea. [Vonnie, Vonni]

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1. Andie - Vondra
Andie [Andi, Andee, Andena], Andrea [Ondria, Ondrea, Onndria, Onndrea, Ondreea, Ohndria, Onndreea, Ohndreea, ..], Deandra [Deanda, Dianda, Diandre, Diandra, Deeandra, Deandria, Deandrea], Keandra [Kiandra, Kiandria, Keaundra, Keandria], Kendra [Kinna, Kyndra, Kindra, Kennah, Kyndria, Kenndra, Lakendra, Kenndrea, ..], Ondrea [Ondra], Vondra [Vonni, Vonnie]