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Caprice - Rima

.. the goat, an animal whose sudden .. [Caprise, Capriana, Capreece, .. 2 more]

Root fr. Hebrew language. "Life, animal." Latinate form of Eve .. [Jieva, Evita, Evani, Evah, Eubha, .. 8 more]

Derivative of Latin, Hebrew languages. "Life, animal." English form of the name derived .. [Ewa, Evlyn, Evita, Eveline, Evelina, .. 17 more]

.. of nature and animals, who was .. [Fawna, Faune, .. 2 more]

Derived fr. Hebrew word. "Life, animal." Havva derives from hayya .. [Kaija, Eve, Chaba, .. 5 more]

.. system of classifying plants and animals .. [Lynnea, Lynea, Linna, Lenae, .. 5 more]

Derived fr. Old French, Old German elements. "Animal strength." Also French form of Melissa (Greek) .. [Melyssandre, Melissandre, Melissande, Malisande, .. 8 more]

.. the language of animals and birds.

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Summary Index of Animal names [and variants] for girls.

1. Caprice - Rima
Caprice [Capri, Caprise, Capricia, Capriana, Capreece], Eva [Evie, Evia, Jieva, Evita, Evina, Evani, Evaline, Evamarie, ..], Eve [Ewa, Evy, Evvy, Evie, Evvie, Evlyn, Evita, Evonne, ..], Fauna [Fawna, Faune, Fauniel, Fauniella], Hava [Eve, Eva, Haya, Kaija, Chaya, Chava, Chaba, Chayka], Linnea [Lynea, Lynae, Linna, Linea, Lynnea, Lynnae, Linnae, Linnaea], Melisande [Melysande, Melesande, Mellisande, Melissande, Melisandre, Melisandra, Melyssandre, Melissandre, ..], Rima