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Ancina - Carol

.. diminutive form of Ann. Saint Ancina ..

.. variant of Agnes, Ann or Anise .. [Annys, Annick, Annice, Anissa, .. 4 more]

Blend of Ann and Janet. [Annjeanette, Anjanique, .. 1 more]

"He (God) has favored me." Simplified form of Anne, the English .. [Annie]

.. and, today, Princess Anne of England .. [Onie, Ninoshka, Nettia, Nanon, Nanny, Nanni, Nanice, Nanette, Nanete, Nana, Ann, .. 85 more]

Latinate variant of Hannah .. [Nani, Hania, Anoesj, Annika, Annamarie, Ann, Anja, Ania, .. 11 more]

Combined form of Ann and Lisa. [Annissa, Annelise, Annalise, Annaliesa, Anelise, Anelisa, Analissa, Analicia, Analeisa, .. 13 more]

Combined form of Ann and Mary .. [Annmaria, .. 2 more]

Combined form of Ann and May. [Annemie, Annamay, Annamae]

.. pet form of Ann. Elaborated forms .. [Nettie, Anetta, Anet, .. 5 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ann names: Anice, Anjanette, Ann, Anna, Annalisa

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ann names: Annamaria, Anne, Annette, Annis, Antoinette

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Ann names: Antonia, Bethany, Betty, Bobbie, Carol

.. See also variants of Ann. [Anyssa, Anysia, Anissa, .. 5 more]

.. means son of Ann or son .. [Ansonya, Annsonya, Annsonia, .. 1 more]

Latin spelling of Greek Antheia .. [Thia, Antheya, Ann, .. 6 more]

German variant of Ann.

.. a diminutive of Ann. Indelibly linked .. [Tonye, Nettie, Netta, Antonique, Antonine, Antionette, .. 17 more]

.. a diminutive of Ann. Willa Cather .. [Tunna, Tunke, Tonya, Toosje, To, Teunisje, Netty, Antonisha, Antonique, Anthony, .. 28 more]

.. combined form of Beth and Ann .. [Bethzy, Bethanne, Bethanie, .. 8 more]

.. Betty Lou, Betty Ann, etc. Liza .. [Bettine, Betti, Bett, Betsy, .. 8 more]

.. Author Bobbie Ann Mason. [Bobbiejo, Bobbi, .. 1 more]

.. second name, as in Carol Ann .. [Sharmain, Sharlene, Lottie, Lotta, Lolita, Keryl, Kerryl, Karolina, Karol, Karlote, .. 82 more]

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Summary Index of Ann names [and variants] for girls.

1. Ancina - Carol
Ancina, Anice [Anis, Annys, Annis, Annick, Annice, Anissa, Anisha, Anicka], Anjanette [Anjanique, Anjeanette, Annjeanette], Ann [Annie], Anne [Oni, Onie, Nona, Nita, Nonie, Ninor, Ninon, Ninoshka, ..], Anna [Nani, Hania, Annet, Anoesj, Annika, Annica, Anouska, Annmarie, ..], Annalisa [Annissa, Annelie, Annelise, Annelisa, Annalise, Anneliese, Annalissa, Annaliese, ..], Annamaria [Annmaria, Annemarie, Annamarie], Annemae [Annemie, Annamay, Annamae], Annette [Anet, Anett, Nettie, Annett, Anette, Anetta, Annetta, Annettchen], Annis [Annys, Annes, Anyssa, Anysia, Annisa, Annice, Anissa, Anessa], Ansonia [Ansonya, Annsonya, Annsonia, Annesonia], Anthea [Thia, Antia, Anthe, Anthia, Antheya, Antheia, Annthea, Anthoula], Antje, Antoinette [Tony, Toni, Tonye, Tonie, Tonia, Netty, Tonette, Toinette, ..], Antonia [Tony, Toos, Tunna, Tunke, Tonya, Tonie, Tonia, Toosje, ..], Bethany [Bethzy, Betheny, Bethann, Betheney, Bethanny, Bethanne, Bethanie, Bethannie, ..], Betty [Bett, Betti, Bette, Betta, Betsy, Bettie, Bettine, Bettina, ..], Bobbie [Bobbi, Bobbiejo, Bobbiejean], Carol [Lotte, Lotti, Lottie, Sharmain, Sharline, Sharlene, Sharleen, ..]

Hannah [Nan, Hena, Nanny, Honna, Hanny, Nannie, Nanney, Hannie, ..], Leslie [Lesly, Lesli, Lezlie, Lezley, Lezlee, Lesley, Leslee, Lesleigh], Luana [Luane, Luann, Luwana, Luanne, Luanna, Luanda, Luannie, Luannah, ..], Marian [Marion, Mariam, Maryann, Mariane, Mariana, Maryanne], Maryann [Maryanne, Maryanna], Nan [Ninon, Nanon, Nanny, Nanna, Nettie, Nannie, Nanine, Nannette, ..], Nancy [Nann, Nanny, Nansey, Nansee, Nannie, Nanncy, Nanice, Nanncey, ..], Nanette [Ninon, Netty, Nettie, Nanine, Nannette], Nina [Nyna, Ninon, Ninoska, Ninette, Ninetta, Ninochka, Ninnette, Ninotchka, ..], Ninon [Nynette, Ninette], Penelope [Pen, Penny, Penna, Pennie, Penney, Penina, Penelopa, Pennelope], Rayann [Raynell, Raylynn, Raylene, Rayleen, Rayeann, Raycine, Raynisha, Raynesha, ..], Ruthann [Ruthanne]