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Antoinette - Toni

French feminine diminutive of Antoine, from .. [Tonye, Tony, Toni, Toinette, Netta, Antwahnette, Antonique, Antonie, Antonia, Antonetta, .. 12 more]

.. English writer Antonia Fraser. [Tunna, Tunke, Tony, Tonia, Toni, Tona, Netty, Nettie, Netta, Antoniya, .. 28 more]

Short form of Antonia and Antoinette .. [Twanette, Tonya, Tonell, Tola, Toinon, Toinette, .. 11 more]

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1. Antoinette - Toni
Antoinette [Tony, Toni, Tonye, Tonie, Tonia, Netty, Tonette, Toinette, ..], Antonia [Tony, Toos, Tunna, Tunke, Tonya, Tonie, Tonia, Toosje, ..], Toni [Tony, Tonya, Tonie, Tonia, Tonina, Tonisha, Twanette, Toniesha, ..]