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Asta - Augusta

"Star-like; love." .. Asta is the name of the .. [Stella, Hester, Hadassah, Asti, .. 7 more]

[Astria, Asterina, Astera, Asta, .. 4 more]

Scandinavian name, derived from áss meaning .. [Estrid, Atti, Astrud, Astride, Astra, Asta, .. 5 more]

Feminine of August or Augustus .. [Tina, Austyne, Austyna, Austina, Augustina, Asta, .. 12 more]

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1. Asta - Augusta
Asta [Astra, Stella, Hester, Etoile, Esther, Estella, Hadassah, Estrella, ..], Astra [Asta, Astri, Astria, Astrea, Astera, Astraea, Asteria, Asterina], Astrid [Atti, Asta, Astri, Astra, Estrid, Astryr, Astrud, Astride, ..], Augusta [Gus, Tina, Gusta, Gussie, Austyne, Austyna, Austine, Austina, ..]