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Aurora - Oriana

"Dawn." Aurora was the Roman goddess of .. [Zorica, Zora, Rory, Ora, .. 3 more]

.. The Latin term Aurora dates back .. [Dwan, Dawnyelle, Dawnita, .. 11 more]

Derived fr. Spanish element. "Star of the aurora sky." Name of a Mayan princess.

From the same root as Aurora .. [Orianna, Oriane, Oria, Oreana]

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1. Aurora - Oriana
Aurora [Ora, Zora, Rory, Rora, Aurea, Zorica, Aurore], Dawn [Dwan, Duwan, Dowan, Dawnita, Dawnika, Dawnysia, Dawnyelle, Dawnielle, ..], Itzel, Oriana [Oria, Oriane, Oreana, Orianna]