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Baby Names associated with Bear for Girls

Bear baby names and what they mean, for bear.

Here is the list of Bear names for boys.

pinAyla - Ursula

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Bear names: Ayla, Bernadette, Bernadine, Calista, Fatima

Ayla 1 .. .. "Clan of the Cave Bear" series.

Bera 2 .. From Teutonic element. "Bear."

Berengaria 3 .. Derivative of Old English element. "Maiden of the bear spear." The wife of English King Richard ..

Bernadette 4 .. Source fr. French, Old German words. "Strong, brave bear." Feminine of Bernard .. [Benadette, Bera, Beradette, Bernadene, Bernadet, Bernadin, Bernadine, Bernardette, Bernessa, Berneta, .. 21 more]

Bernadine 5 .. Root fr. Old French, Old German. "Strong, brave bear." Feminine of Bernard. [Bernie, Benni, Bernardina, Berneen, .. 1 more]

Calista 6 .. .. into a she bear, then into .. [Cala, Cali, Calisto, Callesta, Calli, Cally, Callysta, Kalista, Kallesta, Kallista, .. 15 more]

Clymene 7 .. .. legendary figures also bear this name.

Fatima 8 .. .. his only child to bear children .. [Fateema, Fatimah, .. 3 more]

Jerica 9 .. .. "Clan of the Cave Bear" series. [Jerika, Jerrika, .. 1 more]

Nadette 10 .. Derivative of Old German word. "Strong, brave bear." Short form of Bernadette.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Bear names: Jerica, Ursula

Orsa 11 .. Origin fr. Latin language. "Little she bear." Variant of Ursula. [Orsalina, Orssa, Ursa, .. 5 more]

Ursula 12 .. Based on Scandinavian, Latin words. "Little she bear." Many legends have risen about Saint .. [Orsa, Orsala, Sula, Urselina, Ursella, Ursule, Ursulette, Ursulina, Ursy, Urszula, .. 11 more]

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Summary of Bear names (and variants) for girls.

Ayla - Ursula
Ayla, Bera, Berengaria, Bernadette [Berny, Bernie, Bernina, Bernita, Berneta, Bernessa, Bernette, Bernetta, ..], Bernadine [Benni, Bernie, Berdine, Berneen, Bernardina], Calista [Kalli, Kally, Kalla, Kallie, Kalysta, Kallesta, Kallista, Kallysta, ..], Clymene, Fatima [Fatma, Fatmah, Fateema, Fatimah, Fateemah], Jerica [Jerika, Jerrica, Jerrika], Nadette, Orsa [Ursa, Orsel, Orssa, Orsola, Orsaline, Orsalina, Orseline, Orselina], Ursula [Ursy, Ursola, Ursule, Urszula, Urszuli, Ursuline, Ursulina, Ursulette, ..]