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Arabella - Isabel

From "orabilis" .. [Orbelle, Orbel, Orabelle, Bella, Arabelle, .. 12 more]

Probably from Italian "bella" (see Bella) .. [Velinda, Lindy, Lindie, Belle, Belindra, .. 7 more]

"Beautiful." .. Author/politician Bella Abzug; author Belva .. [Labella, Beyla, Belle, .. 4 more]

Variant of Bella. Name of one .. [Belvia, Bellina, Bella, .. 5 more]

Blend of Clara and Bella. Literary .. [Klarybel]

Can also mean God's promise, God's .. [Yzabelle, Ysabel, Lyzbet, Lyssie, Lyse, Lizzi, Lizz, Lizy, Lizveth, Lizette, Bella, .. 180 more]

Spanish variant of Elizabeth .. [Yzobelle, Yzobel, Yzabelle, Ysobel, Ysabella, Ysabel, Ysabeau, Sabelle, Sabella, Izzy, Bella, .. 32 more]

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1. Arabella - Isabel
Arabella [Belle, Orbel, Bella, Orabel, Orbelle, Orbella, Orabelle, Orabella, ..], Belinda [Lindy, Linda, Bindy, Lindie, Velinda, Belynda, Bellynda, Bellinda, ..], Bella [Bel, Bell, Beyla, Belva, Belle, Labella, Bellissa], Belle [Bell, Belva, Bella, Belvia, Bellina, Belisse, Belinda, Bellette], Claribel [Klarybel], Elizabeth [Veta, Ysabel, Yzabelle, Ysabella, Ylisabet, Ylisabette, Yelizaveta, Yelisaveta, ..], Isabel [Yzobel, Ysobel, Ysabel, Ysabeau, Sabelle, Yzobelle, Yzabelle, Ysabella, ..]