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Birgit - Brittany

.. See also Britt. [Byrgitt, Britt, Birgitt, Birget, .. 6 more]

Surname used as given name .. [Britt, Bret, .. 3 more]

Anglicized form of the Gaelic name .. [Labridget, Brygitte, Bryget, Brydjitt, Brydgitte, Brydie, Britte, Britta, Britt, Brita, .. 62 more]

Also a short form of Brittany. [Britt]

"Exalted one." .. by the Swedish actress Britt Ekland. [Britta, .. 2 more]

.. been influenced by Britt, of which .. [Bryttney, Bryttany, Brytnea, Brityne, Brittony, Brittni, Brittneigh, Brittnaye, Brittlin, Brittiny, Britt, .. 72 more]

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1. Birgit - Brittany
Birgit [Britt, Brita, Byrget, Britta, Byrgitt, Birgitt, Birgitte, Birgitta, ..], Brett [Bret, Britt, Brette, Bretta, Brettany], Bridget [Bryjit, Bryjet, Brygit, Brygid, Bryget, Brygitte, Brygette, Labridget, ..], Brit [Britt], Britt [Brit, Brita, Britta], Brittany [Brytni, Bryton, Brytnea, Bryttney, Bryttnee, Bryttine, Bryttany, Bryttani, ..]