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Carla - Carly

Feminine of Carl and short form .. [Karlla, Karlita, Karla, Carlita, Carlisha, Carlicia, Carli, Carley, Carletta, Carlethe, .. 33 more]

Feminine of Charles .. [Karlyta, Karlye, Karly, Karline, Karlie, Karlene, Karleigh, Carli, Carlene, Carleen, .. 12 more]

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1. Carla - Carly
Carla [Carly, Karla, Carlyn, Karlla, Carlyjo, Carlyse, Karlita, Carlreca, ..], Carly [Karli, Karly, Karlie, Karlye, Karlene, Karlita, Karlyta, Karline, ..]